‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Shot Down $1 Million Deal for One-of-a-Kind Michael Jordan Item

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Michael Jordan memorabilia is almost always valuable, particularly items from when he was in his basketball prime. On an episode of Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison surprisingly shot down a Michael Jordan item that was valued at $1 million.

In 1996, Michael Jordan teamed up with the Looney Tunes in the movie Space Jam. The item in question was a pair of Air Jordan 11 sneakers the basketball legend wore in the film. The Jordan 11 owner stated he acquired the rare item “from somebody whose relative worked on the set” of Space Jam. So, how exactly did the owner acquire the pair of shoes? “Apparently, MJ handed it to him,” the seller simply said.

For bigger items on the show, Rick Harrison and his employees often bring in experts to help value possessions. On this occasion, Austin Russell, or Chumlee, brought in a YouTube star to gauge its worth. Yeezy Busta claimed the sneakers could be sold for “upwards of a million dollars.”

The YouTube sensation said he took the movie’s success into consideration when appraising the shoes. Furthermore, he looked at a documentary from 2020, The Last Dance, when determining the shoes’ worth.

Though hesitant to make an offer, Chum convinced Harrison to go for it. He offered the seller $300 thousand for the Air Jordans, but the seller refused. Clearly not comfortable spending so much on shoes, Rick said his initial offer was the best he could do, which made the seller walk away.

Rick Harrison Says He Doesn’t Regret Saying No to Customers

Though you may think Rick Harrison has buyer’s (or seller’s) remorse by passing on certain deals like the sneakers, he says the opposite. Speaking to FOX News, when asked if he ever regrets not buying something off a customer, he simply replied “nope.”

Harrison goes on to say a big part of his business is refusing a purchase if he feels it’s necessary. With so many items coming into the store, he also can’t afford to spend time regretting something that could have happened.

“Whenever I talk about business to people, I always tell them, ‘If the deal’s not right, the deal’s not right. Just walk away.’ You can’t think later, ‘Maybe I should have bought this or that.’ It’s part of the business. Sometimes you have to be willing to walk away and not risk-taking on a bad deal.”

Additionally, people almost always come into the store expecting more than the item they’re selling is worth. With their expectations so high, it’s harder for them to accept Rick’s offers and easier for him to walk away. “Imagine, you get people pretty much coming in every day and they’re expecting this huge amount of money for something they found in their attic. And in reality, it’s like no, that’s not worth what he or she is expecting.”