‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Shares Throwback Snap of His Son Corey ‘Big Hoss’ in His Little Hoss Days

by John Jamison

Believe it or not, there was a time when Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison was little. Without photo evidence, we may never have known. But thanks to “Pawn Stars” personality Rick Harrison, we have all the proof we need. He posted an old picture of baby Corey on his Instagram.

Since 2009, Corey Harrison has been a fixture on “Pawn Stars.” He has appeared in more than 440 episodes, and fans have watched him grow over the decade-plus he has been on the show. Corey these days is almost reminiscent of Little Hoss. He has lost a bunch amount of weight since his earlier days on “Pawn Stars.” Of course, no one is taking the Big Hoss title away from him. That’s his for life.

Fans of “Pawn Stars” may be aware of the memes based on the personalities from the show. They mostly revolve around Rick, and they tie into the things he frequently says on the show. One of the most popular of them references his negotiating tactics. “Best I can do…” has become the basis for countless jokes at “Pawn Stars” expense, but it’s all in good fun.

All of that being said, Instagram users wasted no time joking around with the priceless throwback material Rick Harrison provided.

“‘Best I can do is a dirty diaper,'” one jokester commented on the picture of Corey “Little Hoss” Harrison.

“‘I’ll give you 5 dirty diapers and not a penny more’ his first full sentence,” someone else piled on.

“Let me call a friend of mine who is an expert on awkward childhood photos,” another wrote, referencing the “Pawn Stars” casts’ tendency to lean on experts when pricing items brought into the shop.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Tells Folks Which of Their Items Are the Most Valuable

People know things like gold and silver are valuable. Precious metals are easy because we know exactly how much they’re worth at any given time. It’s the random antiques that are difficult to gauge. That’s why the expertise of someone like Rick Harrison, who has been running a pawn shop for decades, is so helpful.

Is something in your attic worth a lot of money? He’s the guy to ask. Thankfully, he gave FOX News a good starting point in a 2020 interview.

“I always ask people, ‘What was really super cool when you were 16 years old?’ That’s what’s going to be worth money when you’re 50 years old… Those GI Joes I played with when I was a kid — I wish I still had them and they were in their original boxes. Those comic books I had when I was a kid? I wish I had them now,” Harrison said.