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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Heartwarming Throwback Pics: ‘The Whole Love Thing’

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond melted all of our hearts this morning with the sweetest 25th-anniversary tribute to her husband, Ladd.

The couple met all those years ago in Ree’s hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in a smoky bar. She saw him across the room and couldn’t take her eyes off him — especially his “cowboy’s hands.” They talked into the night, but it took four months for Ladd to call Ree up and ask her out on a date.

And the rest is history. Ladd and Ree Drummond have lived out their happily ever after with five kids, seven dogs, a successful ranch, and a Food Network TV show. Their love just keeps on growing, every single day, if Ree’s Instagram post is any indication.

“Twenty-five years ago, Ladd and I got married. It’s been a wild adventure, and we’ve experienced the joys, pains, ups, downs, triumphs, sadnesses, and unexpected twists and turns. (And kids!),” Ree Drummond captioned the post.

The pictures she posted include some heartwarming snapshots from the Drummonds’ wedding 25 years ago, and some more up-to-date shots. The recent photos came from Ree and Ladd’s couples trip to Vail, Colorado, earlier this summer.

“That whole ‘love’ thing—the love that deepens, expands, and becomes more firmly rooted over time—is definitely there…but if you wanna see what’s really kept me going all these years, just swipe to the last pic,” Ree jokes in her caption. “Can it really be that simple? Well, some days, yes! 🔥😂 I love you, Ladd.”

The last picture in question? It shows off Ladd’s stellar biceps in a candid shot. We see you, Ree.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Discusses Two Moments She’ll Never Forget From Wedding

Earlier this year, Ree Drummond opened up about her marriage to Ladd and how the two met in an article for her “Pioneer Woman” website.

On their wedding day 25 years ago, Ree wore a traditional white wedding dress, while Ladd actually dressed up in a tuxedo for the event. Though, she notes, he couldn’t quite give up his cowboy boots.

After the ceremony in an Episcopal church, Ree Drummond remembers two specific moments from the reception.

“During our reception, my brother, Mike, got up on stage and belted out ‘Elvira,'” Ree confessed. “Then, Arizona State, Ladd’s alma mater, beat Nebraska—the two-time defending national football champions at the time. Ladd and his college friends were in the men’s locker room almost the whole reception to watch the game. They were so excited!”

Even during a wedding, nothing can come between a man and his favorite football team. But Ree doesn’t sound too upset about it, and here they are, 25 years later, living in matrimonial bliss.