‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Snaps Pic with Her Mom While Rooting for Son’s Football Team

by Amy Myers

From football games to Halloween, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is ready for all orange occasions with her fiery hair and matching wardrobe. As fans of the Food Network star well know, Drummond is her football star son’s biggest fan, so of course, she has to dress her best before heading to the stands for one of his games. This time, another special guest, Drummond’s mother, joined her side wearing the same orange teardrop earrings to see the quarterback in action.

Together, the two cheered for the Pawhuska High Huskies and their leading man, Todd, Drummond’s second son. Along with Todd’s games, Drummond watched two other sons take the field before him, oldest son Bryce and foster son Jamar. All three boys have been extraordinary players on the field, and the Pioneer Woman’s two older sons have even continued their careers in college. In preparation for the big game, Drummond posed beside her mother to show their Husky pride.

“Huskie fans for life!!” the Pioneer Woman wrote. “My mom has an October 31 b’day, too, so the color scheme is simply predestined.”

While Drummond evidently had plenty of reasons to wear orange, we don’t think anyone would have to twist her arm to do so.

See the Pioneer Woman’s sweet snapshot below.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Talks Hair Terminology While with Daughter

Her son’s game wasn’t the only spot where the Pioneer Woman recently showed off her auburn locks. While traveling through Texas, Drummond met with her eldest daughter, Alex, for dinner. Conveniently, they both wore their hair in the same fashion – pinned up with a “chip clip.”

The mother and daughter took a few photos of their matching hairdos, apparently a Drummond woman staple. In the caption, the Pioneer Woman also took the opportunity to discuss the proper terminology for hair accessories.

“Do you call them chip clips, or is that another Gen-X term, much like ‘ponytail holders,’ which is absolutely the ONLY correct way to refer to a circular elasticized hair accessory,” Drummond expressed. “I will never say ‘hair tie’ as long as I live, and I urge all my Gen-X cohorts to join me in this stance. Ponytail holders don’t tie, they never have tied, and the matter is settled.”

Despite her comical yet firm stance on the ponytail-holder-versus-hair-tie debate, she seemed happy to share a non-televised meal with her newly-wedded daughter during her travels. It seems that even though the Drummond daughter is miles away from the family’s Oklahoma ranch, she will always have a close relationship with her Pioneer Woman mother.