‘SEAL Team’: Bravo Heads to Africa to Stave Off a Potential World War III in New Trailer

by Samantha Whidden

Get ready, SEAL Team fans! The new season’s premiere is just around the corner, and on Wednesday (September 22nd) the hit series released a new trailer, which hints that the team is heading into war.

At the beginning of the trailer, fans will see a complete war zone after a terrorist attack. According to TV Line, SEAL Team’s Bravo is reportedly heading to Africa to prevent what’s being called World War III. 

David Boreanaz, who plays Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes on the hit series, shared the trailer on his Instagram. He wrote, “SEAL TEAM SEASON 5. Breathe in and breathe out. Oct.10 we drop in! @paramountplus @cbstv @sealteamcbs.”

During a recent Q&A discussion with TVLine, SEAL Team showrunner Spencer Hudnut revealed that the military team is going off on a mission, unlike any mission they have done in the past. “[It’s] a mission that will also include some personal elements that will impact each and every operator.”

SEAL Team’s fifth season is set to premiere on Sunday, October at 10/9c on CBS. Episodes of the show will be available on the Paramount+ streaming service the next day. It was revealed that following the West Coast airing of the fourth new episode, episode 5 of the series’ fifth season will be available to stream on Paramount+. All Season 5 episodes that follow will then be released exclusively on Paramount+ every Sunday. 

Speaking about the Paramount+ move, the SEAL Team showrunner shared, “We’re going to go out with a bang for sure. And then start [on Paramount+] with an even bigger bang.”

David Boreanaz Admits He Has Become Emotionally Exhausted Because of ‘SEAL Team’ 

Express reported that during a recent Instagram Q&A session with key members of the SEAL Team’s Bravo crew, David Boreanaz admitted that the show has caused him to be emotionally exhausted. 

“I’m often emotionally exhausted because of the authenticity of the show and what we bring to it,” the SEAL Team star explained. “The real guys that are on the show allow ourselves to get into [the character’s] mind and their space.”

Boreanaz also said that SEAL Team is a blessing, but he doesn’t think there is a moment that is not emotionally exhausting. 

When asked what characters he admires the most of his SEAL Team character, Boreanaz stated there are just so many. “I’m so humbled to be able to play a character like this. But one of the qualities that I love about [Hayes] is his pure instinct to lead a group of brothers on these missions and keep them going.”

Boreanaz goes on to add that his SEAL Team character is very good at compartmentalizing. He is also good at leading his team through missions as well as deployments.