‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Shares Glorious Childhood Photo of Him Holding Shark from Fishing Trip

by Keeli Parkey

“SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot showcased a real throwback photo on Throwback Thursday this week. Interestingly, the photo featured something he literally “threw back” many years ago.

On Sept. 23, the 32-year-old took to Instagram to showcase a photo of him in his much younger days. In this glorious photo, the “SEAL Team” star is proudly holding up a shark he caught while fishing. The youngster is all smiles in the photo. And, why shouldn’t he be? Catching a shark is an exciting event – even for most adults.

In the caption he added to the photo, Thieriot first offered a joke based on the blockbuster film, “Jaws.” “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” the actor jokingly shared. “Back when I was just a little grom catchin (sic) anything that would bite.”

Next, he pointed out that the shark was returned to the water after this Throwback Thursday photo was captured. “And don’t worry Karen … we put these guys back… cause they weren’t good eating,” the “SEAL Team” actor also said.

Another fan speculated that Max Thieriot actually didn’t throw the shark back. “What gives it away that you didn’t throw them back is that you are off the boat on the dock. Karen’s aren’t smart enough so your (sic) good. Lol … unless you caught from the dock then alls (sic) good,” Instagram user nynrahunter said in response to the actor’s post.

The “SEAL Team” star decided to address this comment directly. He claimed that he was fishing from the dock. “Yes I was actually fishing off the dock. It’s about 30 feet deep there and tons of different species to catch right off the dock,” Thieriot shared.

The actor also asked his social media followers to identify the type of shark he caught all those years ago. One fan guessed that it was a dogfish shark. Another speculated that the creature was a spurdog shark. Hopefully, Max Thieriot will provide an answer.

Here’s Something Else You May Not Have Known About ‘SEAL Team’ Actor Max Thieriot

His joy of fishing as a youngster might not be the only thing “SEAL Team” fans didn’t know about Max Thieriot. Another interesting fact about the actor is that he is an owner of a vineyard. Making this more impressive is that he was only in his early when he joined friends in this business venture.

This vineyard is Senses Wines. Thieriot opened it alongside Christopher Strieter and Myles Lawrence-Briggs. The three had been close since they were children. Joining them in the vineyard was Thomas Rivers Brown as their winemaker.

The friends chose to establish their vineyard close to their hometown of Occidental in Sonoma County, California. Thieriot has also showcased their wines on his Instagram page.

If you’re a fan of “SEAL Team,” make sure to circle Oct. 10 on your calendars. The show’s upcoming season is set to premiere on that evening at 10 p.m. (ET). The show will first air on CBS. It will then move to Paramount+.