‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Thanks Jon Pardi for ‘Spoiling’ His Kids With Incredible First Concert Experience

by Joe Rutland

You know, Outsiders, those of us who are country music fans love Jon Pardi. Well, so does “SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot.

Recently, Thieriot attended a concert put on by Pardi. In an Instagram post, the “SEAL Team” actor shared a photo of him and his family taken backstage. Pardi and his wife Summer stepped in to join them for a quick snap.

“So great seeing u guys @jonpardi and @summer_pardi !!!” Thieriot wrote on the Instagram post. “Thanks for having our crazy crew and spoiling our littles with their first concert experience! You guys are the best.” He ended the comments with a heart emoji.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Portrays Special Warfare Operator as Part of Bravo Squad

On “SEAL Team,” Thieriot plays Special Warfare Operator Second Class Clay Spenser. He’s also known as Bravo 6/6B to his crew. Thieriot has been a part of the show’s cast in all of its four seasons.

The show will start out with some episodes on CBS, then move over to Paramount+ for the rest of its fifth season. David Boreanaz also returns as Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes. He’s also known as Bravo 1/1B, the leader of his team.

Boreanaz also serves as one of the show’s producers on “SEAL Team.”

Outsiders, make sure to tune into the fifth-season opening episodes on CBS. For four straight Sundays starting on Oct. 10, “SEAL Team” will run four shows from the new season on there. Then just follow the show over to Paramount+ for the rest of its run.

Pretty simple, huh? Well, if you don’t have Paramount+ on yourTV, then you will have to check that out.

Thieriot Found Another Occupation To Keep Him Busy Away From Acting: Wine Guy

Thirsty for an adult beverage? Then maybe you can give Thieriot a call.

The actor might be able to provide you with a wonderful glass of wine.

Yep, you can catch the “SEAL Team” star out on his vineyard. Here’s another kicker. The guy started Senses Wines when he was just 21 years old. Talk about the entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Sense Wines’ company website, Thieriot and his childhood friends, Christopher Strieter and Myles Lawrence-Briggs, established it. Respected winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown also helps them get things underway. 

If you are curious about how they make the win, then the website breaks it down.

“Grapes are hand sampled and harvested at ideal ripeness, cold-soaked for a few days, fermented with yeasts indigenous to the vineyard, and ultimately pressed and barreled into a selection of our favorite French cooperages,” according to the website.