‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Films Monster Buck in His Driveway, Then It Seemingly Disappears

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Never let it be said that “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson is not an animal lover. One certain buck found his driveway and was a surprise.

Dotson is joined by his wife Laura as they travel around California bidding on storage bins.

This buck will probably whet Outsiders’ appetites who love hunting. If they could go out and nab this buck, then they’d be sitting pretty with a new catch.

Anyway, Dotson shared his experience on Twitter. The buck was there one minute, then he was gone. What type of buck has the power of magic up his hoof?

Here’s the “Storage Wars” star showing the proof for the world to see from his mountain home.

Do you have any ideas how a big buck like that disappears? We’re going to presume it found a way to go down the hill and not interact with people.

Maybe the buck was not interested in being seen. Whatever the case, Dotson of “Storage Wars” was able to share this interaction from his driveway.

It’s a brush with nature that he probably will not forget for a long time to come.

“Storage Wars” episodes can be seen on the A&E Channel. The show kicked off its 13th season in April 2021.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Has Been Getting Quite A Number of Visits From Animals

It would be trite for us to say that Dan Dotson has a certain “animal magnetism” within himself.

Outsiders, we’ll let you be the judge.

A wayward bear saddled up to the Dotsons’ home one night back in June. This bear might have just gotten lost in the darkness. Maybe Mr. Bear was looking for some food. Hey, it’s at night and who doesn’t need a nighttime snack occasionally?

What a sight to behold. If the buck didn’t impress you, then check out Dotson of “Storage Wars” and his video right here.

That’s pretty rad. So let’s take an animal scorecard out and check off a couple.

Buck? Check. Bear? Check.

What furry friend will show up on his property next? We don’t know but we’ll check in with Dan and Laura Dotson, who celebrated their wedding anniversary in August, and see if something else happens.

“Storage Wars” is definitely one of those unique shows on TV. We see the bidders and buyers show off interesting items at the auction. The Dotsons are just part of this A&E show, though.

The stars on “Storage Wars” also include Brandi Passante, Kenny Crossley, Jarrod Schultz, and Rene and Casey Nezhoda. Ivy Calvin and his sons are part of the action, too.

Make sure you have your auction eyes on this show. Probably you will see some things that you just might not believe.