‘Storage Wars’ Star Rene Nezhoda Returns Flo-Jo Memorabilia to Her Husband, Al Joyner

by Joe Rutland

One Storage Wars star has decided to return memorabilia from late Olympic star Florence Griffith Joyner to her husband Al Joyner. Rene Nezhoda of Storage Wars found a way to meet up with Al and give back many memories from the locker that he bought. Flo-Jo, as she was known, set the Olympic world on fire with her gold medal performances in the Summer Games. Sadly, she died in 1998 and those memories for Al are very precious.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Meets Up With Flo-Jo’s Husband

Nezhoda said that he had been getting calls from family and friends of Griffith Joyner. Their calls were focused around getting that stuff back in the family. Al Joyner wanted to buy it back, too. So, Nezhoda and Joyner ended up meeting in San Diego and making a deal. Sure, the Storage Wars star made some cash but he really wanted to make sure these memories and memorabilia got back to the family. We get more about this from TMZ.

What was the one thing that Al Joyner really wanted and valued in there? Her weight belt. It is something that has tangible love and desire from him about Griffith Joyner. The weight belt was used when they would work out together. Now, it originally was headed to the trash after that locker was picked through. It was saved and is now back in the loving hands of Al Joyner.

Items Recovered Include Jackets, Signed Track Shoes

So, Nezhoda ended up buying a lot of belongings from Griffith Joyner after a friend of his bought Al Joyner’s lockers at auction. Oh brother. There was so much good stuff in there. Things like Olympic jackets, autographed Flo-Jo Barbie dolls, and signed track shoes. They were the ones she wore when breaking the world record, too.

Griffith Joyner died from suffocation in her sleep after suffering an epileptic fit. Al Joyner had gone through his lockers before letting them go up for auction. He thought that he’d gotten all the good stuff out. But there were other things that Nezhada had in his stash. That was enough to get Al Joyner moving and reclaiming it all.

At the 1984 Olympic Games, Florence Griffith won a silver medal in the women’s 200 meters. She married 1984 triple jump Olympic champ Al Joyner and changed her name. Then, in 1998 at the Seoul Olympics, Griffith Joyner twice broke the Olympic record and won the 100-meter race final easily in a wind-aided 10.54. Four days later, she broke the 200-meter world record at 21.34 seconds. Griffith Joyner also ran in both relays in Seoul, winning a third gold medal in the 4×100 meters and a silver in the 4×400 meters. This is according to Olympics.com.