‘Storage Wars’: What the Cast Is Doing Now

by Samantha Whidden

Prior to returning for its 13th season in 2021, the A&E reality TV series “Storage Wars” originally aired from 2010 to 2019. So what was the show’s cast up to after the initial run?

“Storage Wars” cast members Dan and Laura Dotson became a big deal in the auction industry. The duo notably oversaw the actual bidding and purchasing of the storage units. The husband and wife team did return full-time to the private, non-televised auction circuit after the show came originally to an end in 2019. 

However, although there has been a success in their professional lives, the “Storage Wars” cast members experienced a scary situation. Their son, Garrett, was shot in a 2020 drive-by shooting outside an Arizona Airbnb. TMZ reported at the time that Garrett was transported to a local hospital and recovered after surgery.

Meanwhile, “Storage War” cast member Dave Hester has been spending time in courtrooms. He was fired from the series in 2012 and he ended up suing A&E and Original Production for $750,000. The lawsuit was for wrongful termination. Hester claims that the series was “heavily juiced” to guarantee good TV. In June 2020, he lost a lawsuit against Public Storage. He originally sued Public Storage after he purchased an abandoned locker for $11,800. However, the rightful owner was up to date on their rent and the company had to void the sale. 

The “Storage War” alum has since started an auctioneer-for-hire company and serves as a consultant in the auction industry.

‘Storage Wars’ Cast Member Darrell Sheets Semi-Retired After the 12-Season Run 

Grunge also reported that after “Storage Wars” original 12-season run, Darrell Sheets, known as “The Gambler” cast member, ended up living a semi-retired life. He focused on his personal life and health. He even lost a large amount of weight by using Nutrisystem. Sheets did divorce his wife Kimber Wuerfel as well. He also suffered a heart attack and complications in from a lung infection in early 2019. 

Speaking about the illness, the “Storage Wars” cast member wrote on Instagram, “I’ve been very sick for three months and two nights ago I had a mild heart attack. Found out I had congestive heart failure and a severe issue going on with my lungs.”

Brandon Sheets, the son of fellow “Storage Wars” cast member Darrell Sheets, moved on from the series and has since gone into the real estate business. He is now in Arizona and a real estate agent. 

In regards to “Storage Wars” cast members Barry Weiss, Brandi Passante, and Jarrod Schulz. Weiss (aka the Collector) was injured in a serious motorcycle accident. He had to spend two months in a hospital in 2019. He later landed a gig as the global brand ambassador for California’s Sherwood Valley casino. Passante and Schulz ended up calling it quits on their relationship.