‘Survivor 41’ Castaways Pitch Their Wildest Ideas for New Twists on the Show

by Madison Miller

For people everywhere, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic cast a lot of beloved things away.

For longtime fans of the “Survivor” franchise, it meant missing out on the drama and competition the show has brought to TV for 40 seasons. There were no desperate hunts for coconuts to eat, no beach-side arguments, no exciting water competitions for immunity, and no blindside-inducing Tribal Council ceremonies.

Now, fans are gearing up for the long-awaited Season 41 of “Survivor” on CBS. The show’s marketing team has certainly done a stellar job of getting people eager to watch the new season. In fact, the promos keep referring to some kind of monster that wants to eat the “Survivor” contestants.

We’re thinking it’s some kind of grand, metaphorical monster being used for a little extra drama. Although, after some time away, who knows what the “Survivor” writers are willing to do.

‘Survivor’ Contestants Talk Potential Future Themes

I think we can all rest assured that no monster will appear this season. Certainly, there will be a fair share of contestants that take on a villain role as usual.

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed the contestants of the upcoming season and asked them what themes or twists they would love to see incorporated into the longtime program.

Some of them are a bit outlandish, but others have that glimmer of TV hope.

One future castaway said that “more of that head-to-head combat stuff” seems to be a pretty enticing idea. This would certainly help fuel the rivalries and drama that is a normal feature on the show. Another person said that the show should start as an individual game, then a team game, and then end once again as a solo operation. Right now, everyone starts in a tribe, and then the forces slowly dwindle down until everyone is on their own.


Another person has the outright genius idea of grabbing every person who was ever voted out first and throwing them into a season together. It’s certainly an interesting idea and something the show would likely actually do. “Survivor” has had many themes for different seasons, such as villains and heroes, family competition, past winners, splitting people up based on working-class and so much more.

Another castaway suggested for people to have to play with their bosses from back home. There were a lot of ideas bounced around by some people who are now very familiar with the show. I imagine the “Survivor” creators are desperately writing down some notes.

New Season of the Show

It’s an interesting conversation as we approach “Survivor 41” now. Instead of the usual unique themes, this season is all about stripping the show back to its original, basic glory. The new season was originally going to be “Dawn of a New Era,” but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it didn’t feel appropriate anymore.

“For right now, where ‘Survivor’ needs to go is with fresh faces, fresh voices, players who are of the moment, players who can let us watch them and learn,” the show’s host and showrunner, Jeff Probst, told Variety in a recent interview. A stripped-down game will allow the players to really craft the game themselves and be the absolute stars of the show.

The new season airs this Wednesday, September 22 on CBS.