‘Survivor 41’ Premiere’s Ousted Players Reveal What They Would’ve Done Differently

by Anna Dunn

Survivor is officially back, and the premiere last night did not disappoint. With plenty of backstabbing and scheming as well as a grueling competition, the new contestants were welcomed into a season that promises to be a “new era for the show.” This year, there’s not even rice to hold them over.

No matter what show you’re on, it’s awful to be the first one eliminated. But the two people who were eliminated last night walked out with their heads held high.

The first man to be voted off the Island was Eric Abraham. Abraham was cast out in a shocking blindside vote. His plan to target a fellow teammate, Tiffany Seely, backfired on him and the team sent him out.

But when asked if he’d do anything differently in a recent interview with TV Line, Abraham said not really.

“No, I enjoyed the experience. The only thing that I probably would have changed if I had to change — and it probably wouldn’t have worked — [would’ve been to] just let other people guide me, but it still could have gone another way. You just never know. You can’t second-guess yourself on Survivor when you have just a short amount of time to react to everything. And on top of that, we don’t have food. We don’t have any rice. I was looking forward to rice, too!” Abraham said.

It’s brutal to go out first in a blindside. It seems Abraham is staying in good spirits about the whole thing. He did get a trip to Fiji after all.

The Other first ‘Survivor’ Boot Wishes She Stayed Closer to Her Allies

The second person who was cast out in last night’s episode was Sara Wilson. The 24-year-old from Sherman Oaks California was cast out after a tense meeting with her team that involved plenty of whispers and lots of high stakes. Sara became a target after being one of the people that lost the puzzle portion of the competition that could have earned them safety.

Just one small mistake wound up getting Sara sent home. When asked about her regrets, Wilson expressed that she would have gotten closer with two of the people on her team who could have done more to keep her safe.

“On Day 1, Shan and Ricard approached me, and they were like, “Oh, we’re going to be a tight three,” and I was very set on not overplaying. I was like, “Sick, I have numbers.” Day 2, I decided to not trust them, because I saw how good they were with other people. Then I was like, “OK, let’s not focus on trying to be under the radar and going with the numbers,” she said. “Let’s focus on building your other relationships.” That is definitely a regret of mine. I was truly focused on underplaying, and I didn’t play enough in terms of connecting with people.

With this season of Survivor, it appears that the game is more high stakes than ever. And a few small mistakes cost people the game. Hopefully, Sarah and Eric can walk away proud that they made the show at all.