‘Survivor’ and ‘Chicago Fire’ Lead in Ratings: How Did They Perform

by Shelby Scott

The fall season officially kicked off yesterday. In celebration, Earth saw the near-orbit of an asteroid three times the size of the Statue of Liberty and a host of new CBS and NBC season premieres. This week has seen the long-awaited premieres of shows such as “NCIS,” “The Voice,” and many others. However, last night’s premieres of “Survivor” and “Chicago Fire” led in ratings, kicking off with some major viewership.

Entering a mind-blowing 41st season, “Survivor” kicked off last night on CBS. The premiere attracted a staggering 6 million viewers and a TVLine reader grade of “B-” to go with.

As long-time host Jeff Probst confronted some controversial social issues surrounding gender identity, the show nevertheless saw high-score ratings. According to TVLine, last night’s premiere, featuring more difficult challenges and fewer rewards, saw ratings differing only slightly compared to 2019’s fall averages.

Over on NBC, the One Chicago franchise made their season premieres, gaining some pretty impressive scores themselves. Wednesday night kicked off with “Chicago Med” and closed out with “Chicago PD.”

Of the three, with “Chicago Fire” taking the middle slot, the franchise’s flagship show pulled an impressive 7 million viewers. “Chicago Fire” further gained a readership score of “A.”

The outlet further stated the One Chicago franchise’s scores were all just a tenth off from earlier demo averages. Nevertheless, following three cliffhanger season finales, Outsiders were anxious this fall to see the return of their favorite One Chicago series. Now, we finally have closure from the nerve-wracking finales of last season.

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10: A Comprehensive Recap

“Chicago Fire” was one of last night’s lead-scoring premieres. As such, we thought it beneficial to provide Outsiders the full season 10, episode 1 recap.

“Chicago Fire” season 9 left us pondering the fate of Firehouse 51 Squad 3. Although, graciously, last night’s premiere finally gave us clarity that our beloved crew escaped their brush with death. However, being the drama it is, NBC couldn’t possibly give us a simple rescue as the first episode began.

While Capp and Tony escape the sinking boat, Severide remains below trying to emerge with an unconscious Joe Cruz. Thankfully, all four survive the ordeal physically unharmed. However, Cruz proceeds to suffer from PTSD essentially, though blames it on stress from their upcoming new arrival.

Further, we finally find out that the beloved Chief Boden, our favorite fire crew’s father figure, has decided to take on the promotion as the new deputy district chief. And while, of course, the firehouse family is excited and supportive, Stella Kidd, of all people, expresses her disappointment at Boden’s decision. However, as usual, she approaches Boden about her reaction, further explaining what caused her to respond in such a less-than-ecstatic way.

And finally, Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett’s new official relationship becomes common Firehouse 51 news and now we can all gush about the crew’s latest couple.