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‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Asks Fans ‘What Would You Do’ in Situation Featured in Tonight’s Episode

by John Jamison
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Another week means a new episode of “Survivor.” It also means another sneak peek into the action from longtime host Jeff Probst. He’s been in the habit of posing situational questions to fans over the past few weeks. Today, ahead of the new episode, Probst took to Instagram to bring fans a little closer to the game.

Last week, “Survivor” finally returned after a pandemic-induced hiatus that lasted nearly 500 days. It was far too long a period to be without our favorite wilderness game show. Now, however, the show is back in full force. And it even has some creative changes to show for its long absence.

One thing that has remained the same since the show started over 20 years ago is the necessity for a well-thought-out strategy. But from week to week, it’s impossible to predict the exact situations you’d be facing as a contestant.

“Would you ever allow your alliance to use your name as the decoy vote? On one hand, obviously, you’re taking one for the tribe. That could provide loyalty down the road. But on the other hand, when you’re in a tribe of six, or at this point, it could even be five, and your name is a name that’s out there and you’re probably going to have at least one person write it down, very, very risky. Survivor is a game where you are constantly forced to make a decision about whether to take a risk or play it safe. What you would you do?” Jeff Probst said in the video.

‘Survivor’ Aficionados Are Split on What to Do in This Scenario

The picture Jeff Probst painted is one familiar to “Survivor” fans. Similar situations have come up countless times over the decades of tribal councils. An alliance names a decoy, deflecting from their intended vote to assuage the targeted contestant’s fears.

Needless to say, fans had some pretty strong opinions about this one.

“No way! If your alliance is wanting to use your name as a decoy then you’re at the bottom of that alliance especially this season with the dice. Anything can go wrong. Not risking my name,” one Instagram user replied.

“If your name is already being thrown out as a decoy vote, you’re probably seen as a potential next vote. I wouldn’t want my name out there unless I’m the one volunteering it and I feel secure with my alliance,” a slightly more confident fan replied.

“Whoever comes up with the plan should volunteer to be the decoy vote. Seems the most fair,” another suggested.

So what do you do in this situation? No pressure. It’s the contestants on Survivor 41 who need to worry about it. They’ll figure it out when the new episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.