‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Reveals He Won’t Say Phrase ‘Come on in Guys’ Anymore: Here’s Why

by Keeli Parkey

For two decades, “Survivor” has excited its viewers with the exploits of its many competitors. Changes have been made to the show over the years, however, one phrase used by host Jeff Probst remained the same – until very recently.

According to USA Today, that phrase is “Come on in guys.”

This phrase was used by Probst when he welcomed the show’s competitors to the show’s challenges. However, Probst has now come to believe that the phrase is outdated because the word “guys” puts the focus on only one gender.

The 41st season of “Survivor” debuted on Wednesday, Sept. 22. During this episode, the host asked the competitors to share their thoughts about the phrase. “For 20 years, I have used one phrase to call people in for challenges. I love saying it. It’s part of the show. But I too want to be of the moment,” Probst stated. “In the context of ‘Survivor,’ is a word like guys OK? Or is it time to retire that word?”

Initially, the newest “Survivor” competitors said that they were comfortable with Jeff Probst continuing to say, “Come on in guys.”

Competitor Evvie Jagoda even shared why she thought using the phrase with the gendered term was acceptable to her. “I personally think guys is OK. ‘Come in guys’ is such a signature expression. I, as a woman, as a queer woman, do not feel excluded by guys,” Jagoda said during the season premiere.

One ‘Survivor’ Competitor Decided to Speak Out on Phrase Long Used by Host Jeff Probst

The matter appeared to be settled. However, after thinking about the issue, another “Survivor” competitor began to feel that using “guys” should come to an end.

“The reality is ‘Survivor’ has changed over the last 21 years, and those changes have allowed all of us, all of these brown people, Black people, Asian people, so many queer people, to be here simultaneously,” Ricard Foyé explained.

Foyé deciding to speak out on the issue drew praise from Jeff Probst. The host described this competitor as having “courage, inside a million-dollar game in which standing up any time is risky, to bring it up again.”

The “Survivor” host then vowed to retire the phrase for good. “I’m with you. I want to change it. I’m glad that was the last time I will ever say it,” Probst explained.

Competitors Divided Into Three Tribes at the Start of the New Season

In addition to the discussion of the phrase, the first episode 41st season of “Survivor” saw the competitors be divided into three tribes. These tribes are Yase, Yuvus, and Ua. Viewers also watch as the castaways began forming alliances with one another and sizing up their competition.

(Spoiler alert): During the tribal council segment of the show, it was the members of the Ua and Yase tribes who were required to vote someone out. Ua opted to remove Sara Wilson, while Yase voted out Eric Abraham.