‘Survivor 41’: Jeff Probst Guesses What Fans Will Be Surprised By the Most This Season

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Survivor 41 is in full swing. And Jeff Probst thinks the series has a surprising new element. But the surprise has nothing to do with the actual game. 

Covid restrictions forced Survivor to take a year off, which made quarantine a lot more boring. But taking a break from filming gave the producers some time to regroup. And now that the game show is back, it’s better than ever.

Host Jeff Probst has been teasing about gameplay changes over the past few months. And we watched some of those things unravel on the season premiere. However, Probst doesn’t think those changes will be the most shocking thing about season 41. Instead, he thinks we’ll be most surprised by the newness of the series after all these years on television.

“Even though we’re in our third decade, it really does feel fresh,” he told Paramount+. “And I felt it. The players feel current, but not in the way that they’re current because it’s 2021. They just, it just, felt different.”

Probst said that the current group of castaways renewed the series. And because of that, they make Survivor 41 more enjoyable.

“I think all of us want to have fun. We need some relief. We just wanna laugh, and I felt that from the players,” he continued. “That they were just inspired to go out and play Survivor. And I really do think you will feel it even though you can’t pinpoint what it is. It just feels new.”

Survivor 41 Already Cut Two Players: Here’s What They Would Have Done Differently

The “new era” of survivor is finally upon us. The 41st season premiered this week, and it is already down two castaways. And in an interview with TVLine, the players explained what they would have done differently.

Eric Abrams, a cyber security analyst from Atlanta, Ga, was the first to say goodbye. His plan to eliminate his teammate, Tiffany Seely, backfired on him. And the Yase tribe voted him off. But surprisingly, Abrams doesn’t regret his tactic and said he wouldn’t change anything.

“I enjoyed the experience. The only thing that I probably would have changed if I had to change — and it probably wouldn’t have worked — [would’ve been to] just let other people guide me, but it still could have gone another way,” he told the publication. “You just never know. You can’t second-guess yourself on Survivor when you have just a short amount of time to react to everything. And on top of that, we don’t have food. We don’t have any rice. I was looking forward to rice, too!”

The second player to leave Fiji was Sara Wilson. The 24-year-old healthcare consultant was booted after she helped her team lose a puzzle challenge. When TVLine asked about her regrets, she said she wished that she had formed a better bond with her teammates. Sara said he was too focused on staying under the radar.

“I was truly focused on underplaying,” she admitted. “And I didn’t play enough in terms of connecting with people.”