‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard Catches His ‘First Ever’ Live Video of Huge Gator Taking Bait

by Joe Rutland

Imagine being able to get a video of a gator taking a hunter’s bait. That very thing happened to “Swamp People” star T-Roy Broussard.

This six-plus-minute video, which was taken on Thursday, Sept. 16, showed Broussard out attempting to snag a 9-foot gator in the swamps.

At one point, he says, “Can you imagine being the first person to get an Instagram Live with a nine-footer eating a chicken?”

Yes, “Swamp People” fans. We are all witnesses to this interesting, wonderful situation.

The video also catches T-Roy in a moment of singing to that gator.

“Dang gator, go ahead and pull it down,” he says. “What are you, a rookie?”

At another juncture, Broussard says to the gator, “Come on now, pull it out of the clothespin, dummy.”

Saddle up, Outsiders. Let’s all head down to those swamps and spend some time with T-Roy Broussard and friends.

It’s almost comedy gold down there. Also, you can tell this is a brand, new catch for Broussard. He wrote in the caption, “First gator after hurricane Nicholas!!!”

He was a part of “Swamp People” in the fourth and fifth seasons of The History Channel hit show.

The favorite show of alligator hunters and curious fans finished up its 12th season. No official word has been released about the 13th season.

But this show has been a sure-fire rating winner for The History Channel over the years. It would be hard not to hear Troy Landry yell “Choot’Em!” for one TV season. We’ll keep you posted, Outsiders, when word comes down about a new season.

‘Swamp People’ Star Wanted To Remember Grandson’s ‘First Trip To The Lodge’

Families that hunt love to bring young children, when they are old enough, to their hunting lodges.

“Swamp People” star T-Roy Broussard did just that after his grandson visited.

Granddad T-Roy managed to snap a photo in honor of the event. He posted it on his Instagram account.

In another post, the “Swamp People” hunter could not contain his excitement over the pending new hunting season.

While showing off a 12-foot gator that he snagged, Broussard wrote, “Five more days till the pro season starts. Supplying leather around the world… One tag at a time!”

That was written on Sept. 5.  

Broussard’s Instagram was getting reactions from fans, who posted with fire emojis flying all over it. 

As Broussard noted there, pro gator season began in Texas on Sept. 10. The pro season runs until Sept. 30.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on these gator hunters because they provide information as well as a few laughs.