‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard Takes Texas Governor Candidate Gator Hunting and Comes Back with Quite the Haul

by Jon D. B.

Is Swamp People vet Troy Broussard getting political, or is he simply down for a good time? His latest gator hunting update shows a bit of both!

“Had a great trip with @WatchChad and @LoneStarCjaye,” Broussard shares mid-Friday. His two hunting partners for the day, Chad Prather and musician Cjaye are all smiles in his included shot – so we’d say it looks like a great trip with “great folks,” indeed!

Of Prather, the Swamp People star says he’s “Just the kind of guy that Texas needs as governor!” Sounds like Prather can count ol’ T-Roy as a vote come 2022. And by the looks of it, it seems like Broussard can count Prather and Cjaye among his more talented hunting pals:

That’s a fine harvest, right there! Broussard continues to show his prowess for his home state’s core gator season. Above, we see the group’s total at a lucky 7, with several 6 to 9 footers present.

As for Chad Prather, the gent is currently a conservative Republican candidate for Texas Governor, he states on Twitter. But on the daily, he’s host of Blaze TV and The Chad Prather Show. For Swamp People fans, there are few better endorsements for “#Prather2022” than T-Roy’s hunting gains, so it’s a promising start for the candidate.

‘Swamp People’s Troy Broussard Behind Prather for Texas Governor over Matthew McConaughey, Beto

It’s too early to say who’s game it is in Texas, but Broussard’s endorsement brings a new face to the race. November 2022’s election will be an election for the ages, one that holds widespread implications for all of America.

But the Lone Star State isn’t exactly short on high-profile gubernatorial candidates. As Outsiders know, Oscar-winning actor and all-around beloved human being Matthew McConaughey is “considering” a run for Governor himself. In fact, McConaughey is currently leading the Lone Star State’s gubernatorial polls by 9 points. Also a native Texan, the Oscar winner is heavily involved in the state’s disaster recovery efforts through his charity, Just Keep Livin’.

He’s a popular choice for many, given his strong roots in his home state he shares with Swamp People‘s Broussard. As with any candidate, however, there will always be opposition.

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) supporter David Justman, 46, says said earlier this week. Justman lives near Tyler in East Texas, and like many of us Outsiders he’s keeping a very close eye on the state’s race.

Retired railroad worker and Texas Democrat Bill Neill, 75, echoes this for The Dallas Morning News.

“He may be a Texas native, but I feel like he has not been a participant in Texas political matters,” Neill says. He would rather elect former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Meanwhile, McConaughey continues to state publicly that he’s interested in being Texas Governor. The actor has yet to choose a political party, however, if he even will.

Regardless, we know there’s one man’s vote already accounted for (or so Prather will assume): Swamp People‘s good ol’ T-Roy Broussard.