‘The Conners’ EP Promises ‘Big Changes’ Coming Next Season, Teases Major Storylines

by Josh Lanier

The Conners ended with a bombshell third season finale. Darlene proposed to her boyfriend, but he rejected the offer, leaving their relationship in tatters. The live Season 4 premiere of the beloved ABC sitcom will pick up a couple of weeks later as they try to move on. It’s the first of many “big changes” viewers can expect from The Conners, the showrunner said.

Bruce Helford told TVLine that there will be a lot of shake-ups this season on the show. Those will begin with the September 22 season premiere. Much of the cast will have their relationships tested throughout the season, Helford said. Darlene and Ben will have to figure out what they want out of their relationship. While Dan and Louise must navigate the stresses of planning a wedding.

“We’ve got the wedding coming up, so there are some things going on that involve that,” Helford said. “There is a lot of romance involved in this [season opener], and there are big changes coming in these people’s lives. This is the beginning of that.”

Complicating matters for Darlene is that Ben is a part of the Conners’ world now. They can’t just walk away from one another. They must deal with their issues.

“You can pretty much guarantee that Ben and Darlene are [always going to be] part of each other’s lives now,” The Conners executive producer Dave Caplan told TVLine. “They have such a history now that they can’t just untangle, in the way that you might ordinarily do if you don’t stay together.”

He added that “Ben is so beloved by everybody else in the family that that’s kind of what makes it interesting going forward.”

ABC will broadcast the Season 4 premiere of The Conners live on Wednesday, September 22.

‘The Conners’ Bringing Big Guest Stars for Next Season

The Conners will bring some big guest stars to help with those big changes. Last season, the show brought on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Murphy Brown star Candice Bergen. And this season, the showrunners say they have some more surprise appearances.

Brian Austin Green will reprise his role as one of Darlene’s employees at Wellman Plastics. He appeared in two episodes last season.

Sitcom legend Jason Alexander is also scheduled to make a two-episode arc on The Conners. The former Seinfeld star will play Pastor Phil, who helps Darlene and Becky find spiritual guidance when they attend an AA meeting.

But the most surprising guest star this season will be one of you. The Conners held the “Be a Conner” contest over the summer and chose two fans to take part in the live season 4 premiere. One will appear in the East Coast broadcast of the show and the other in the West Coast show. The sitcom hasn’t said who won the contest or what they’ll do on the show.