‘The Conners’ Showrunner Reveals What’s Coming Next in Season 4 After Ben Rejected Darlene’s Marriage Proposal

by Megan Molseed

The season four premiere of The Conners is less than a week away, and there are so many questions for which we are waiting for answers. The season three finale of the popular ABC series did not disappoint, but it did leave us waiting to see what comes next for a lot of our beloved Conners characters.

When the popular sitcom ended its third season last spring, we were left with so many cliffhangers that have been bugging us all summer long. One of the biggest questions on our mind is related to a question posed by Darlene Conner in the season three finale.

One that, while we do know the answer, we need sooo much more information as we move forward.

What comes next for Ben and Darlene?

As the third season of The Conners ended, we saw Darlene in an exciting moment when she decided to propose to her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend Ben, However, the exciting moment soon took a turn when Ben rejected the proposal.

Darlene was shocked, and audiences were desperate to find out more; as we waited for the September 22 premiere to fill us in on what happened after that crushing moment.

An Uncertain Relationship as ‘The Conners’ Picks Up In Season Four

As we check in with the family in season four, producers say that life will pick up not long after Ben has turned down the impromptu proposal. About two weeks, to be exact.

While a little time has passed, producers say that the couple still has much to work through as they discuss their futures together, or apart. And, more importantly, the couple “still haven’t discussed what Ben wants,” explained The Conners producer Bruce Helford notes.

Helford adds that Darlene remains proactive in the relationship.

Which, based on Ben’s answer to her proposal, is an entirely different mindset from what Ben is looking for at this point.

Of course, notes Helford these two very different outlooks will most likely mean that the relationship could “go a lot of different ways” as we head into the fourth season.

Rocky Roads Ahead

Of course, there’s another issue that could be facing the couple when the show premieres next week.

The return of Darlene’s coworker, Jeff.

Portrayed by The Conners guest star, Brian Austin Green, Jeff comes to Lanford working at Wellman Plastics with Darlene. He’s extremely easygoing compared to Ben’s more apprehensive personality.

Not to mention Jeff and Darlene hit it off almost immediately. Not a good sign for the couple as they move on from Ben’s rejection of Darlene’s proposal.

However, whatever happens between the two, Ben will likely continue to remain a part of Darlene’s life in one way or another.

“You can pretty much guarantee that Ben and Darlene are [always going to be] part of each other’s lives now,” says The Conners executive producer Dave Caplan.

“They have such a history now that they can’t just untangle, in the way that you might ordinarily do if you don’t stay together,” Caplan added.

The producer went on to note that even if Ben and Darlene don’t work out, he and the rest of the family have become close.

“Ben is so beloved by everybody else in the family,” said Caplan. “That that’s kind of what makes it interesting going forward.”