‘The Conners’: Why Didn’t Becky Appear in Live Premiere?

by Megan Molseed

The long-awaited premiere of The Conners’ fourth season didn’t disappoint viewers. The September 22 premiere brought with it some fun surprises when the popular ABC television show returned to the airwaves with a unique live premiere Wednesday evening.

While Dan, Darlene, Jackie, and family returned to our living rooms this week, fans did note that there was one major Conners player that was conspicuously missing during the live season four premiere.

Becky Conner’s absence was explained in the episode as being away at a sober retreat. Her portrayer, however, was instead spending the evening honoring some of our nation’s greatest heroes.

Honoring Some of Our Nations Heroes

While her character Becky was missing from The Conners, Lecy Goranson was back in her hometown Chicago attending a charity gala.

The actress explained in a recent interview that The Conners showrunners allowed the actress to miss the live fourth season premiere event so she could return to Chicago and participate in the Canal Shores Invitational.

The Canal Shores Invitational is an annual gala for first responders, and this year’s event was hosted by Dharma & Greg’s Joel Murray.

“Unfortunately the event didn’t happen last year because of COVID,” Goranson explained. “And it just so happened that this year, it fell during the live show.”

‘The Conners’ Actress Faced A Tough Choice

Lecy Goranson went on to explain that she felt torn about which event to attend because both are a priority to her.

“I was very, very torn, because I love the show, and it’s my job,” the actress explained.

“I did miss my Conners family very much,” Goranson continued. “But I was very, very happy to be present at the charity event.”

For Goranson, while it was a tough decision to miss The Conner’s live season four September 22 premiere event, showing her continuing support for the Canal Shores Invitational.

“This was my third year going,” said Lecy Goranson.

“It’s just a wonderful thing to be a part of,” she said.

“It’s important for me to connect with those who are putting their lives on the line for people every single day,” Goranson continued. “And to show my support is something that’s a priority for me.”

Becky Returns With Sitcom Alum

While Becky Conner may have been missing in the fourth season premiere episode, fans can expect her to return in next week’s episode on Wednesday, September 29.

This episode will be the beginning of the long-awaited story arc featuring Seinfeld alum, Jason Alexander as Pastor Phil. Becky first encounters the straightforward pastor when he speaks at one of her Alcoholics Anonymous meeting’s on The Conners.

“Becky sees him as a truth talker, not someone who’s dancing around things,” Goranson says of Alexander’s Pastor Phil.

“He’s really gritty,” Goranson adds, noting that this impresses Becky who in turn introduces her sister, Darlene, to the pastor.

Darlene, as we know is at a crossroads after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Ben.

“She says to Darlene, ‘Look, this guy is the real deal. He’s not pretending to be someone he’s not… You wouldn’t believe that he’s actually a pastor,'” Goranson explains of The Conners character.

“It turns out that Darlene gets what Becky is saying,” the actress continues. “She gets a kick out of him, and they have their own special bond.”