‘The Love Boat’ Original Movie Featuring Tom Bosley and Florence Henderson Premieres on This Day in 1976

by Joe Rutland

If you got Mr. C and Carol Brady on your “The Love Boat” bingo card on this day in 1976, then you were a big winner indeed.

So actor Tom Bosley, who starred in “Happy Days,” and actress Florence Henderson, who starred in “The Brady Bunch,” were part of the original movie. It would lead to the TV series starring Gavin MacLeod as Capt. Merrill Stuebing.

RetroNewsNow celebrated this memory on Twitter. Take a look at what this newsy account posted about “The Love Boat” on Friday.

If you ever see this TV movie air on your set, then you might be squinting your eyes. The next question is, “Who are these people leading the cruise?” MacLeod, Ted Lange, Fred Grandy, and Lauren Tewes were not around.

Ted Hamilton played Capt. Thomas Ford, while veteran character actor Dick Van Patten played O’Neil, the Doctor. Theodore Wilson played Isaac, the Bartender. Sandy Helberg appeared as Gopher, the Yeoman Purser. Terri O’Mara played Gerry, the Cruise Director. Joseph Sicari played Nino, the Steward.

Yeah, this is not your grandmother’s “The Love Boat” cast. Besides those actors, other cast members for this movie included Don Adams, Cloris Leachman, Gabe Kaplan, Harvey Korman, and Karen Valentine. It’s a who’s-who of television actors.

Two more made-for-TV movies appeared before “The Love Boat” started its nine-season run on ABC. Aaron Spelling, who had massive success with “Charlie’s Angels,” was executive producer for the show’s series run.

Outsiders, feast your eyes on that first made-for-TV film when you can.

‘The Love Boat’ Never Had A Reservation For ‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Williams

We know that “The Love Boat” became synonymous with having numerous guest stars from famed TV series and big-screen movies.

One actor who never got a reservation for a room aboard the cruise ship was “The Brady Bunch” actor Barry Williams. He played the oldest son Greg Brady on the Sherwood Schwartz-created series.

Williams started thinking if he ever offended someone on that show without knowing it.

“Ah, yes. There is. I just don’t know what the story is,” Williams said in an interview with MeTV. “But I’m clear that somebody there had it in for me. I don’t know what it is. I just speculated, maybe I offended someone, somewhere, I don’t know!

“That’s not all,” Williams said. “I’ve done a lot of TV. I didn’t do ‘Fantasy Island’ either. Those are both Aaron Spelling shows. I don’t know if there’s a connection there.”

Yep, Barry Williams was a regular on some TV shows throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He always appeared in TV movies and specials related to “The Brady Bunch.” But the actor also showed up on other TV series over the years.