‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Says She Has Now Tested Negative After Chaotic Scene During Kamala Harris Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

The View keeps adding to the surreal drama that unfolded Friday just before Vice President Kamala Harris was set to be interviewed.

If you’ll recall, producers for The View pulled two of the hosts — Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro — after they tested positive for Covid-19. The two had to step away from the stage on live TV.

But as it turns out, Navarro’s test likely was a false positive. It’s unclear whether Hostin’s test was accurate. Both are vaccinated.

Navarro appeared on CNN Friday night to explain The View drama from earlier in the day. She told Anderson Cooper she’d had two negative tests since the initial positive. And she likened the drama to a well-known TV comedy.

“It takes so much work to do an interview like this,” The View co-host said. “And it’s something that we were excited about. We were prepared to ask some tough questions. We were very proud to have the vice president come on The View and all of a sudden it turned into like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was just surreal.” 

Navarro also updated her health status, Saturday. She posted on Twitter: “Feeling good and hoping it was just an inopportune, very public false positive. Please get vaccinated and stay safe folks, so we can beat this damn thing, once and for all.

The View Hyped Its Harris Interview All Week

The View hyped its Kamala Harris interview all week. Then in the second segment, Friday, Hostin and Navarro, who were wearing earpieces, were asked to leave the set. Joy Behar, who was the moderator, didn’t even know what was going on. She and Sara Haines were the only two hosts left on stage.

In order to salvage the interview, the Secret Service found a spot in the studio where Harris could talk to Behar and Haines, remotely. While the Secret Service was doing this, Behar and Haines tried to kill time. They finally turned to the audience and did an impromptu Q&A.

All of The View hosts are vaccinated. The show was done remotely last season and had only returned to the studio earlier this month. Whoopi Goldberg missed much of this week because of back problems. Navarro, who lives in Miami, normally does the Friday shows. But she was called in earlier to replace Goldberg.

Covid has impacted the families of both Navarro and Hostin. Navarro’s husband, Al Cardenas, spent five days in the hospital last year after contracting Covid from someone working in the couple’s home. Hostin’s husband is orthopedic surgeon Manny Hostin. Both his parents died of Covid, three days apart, over the Christmas holidays.

CNN and E! reported that Hostin also tested negative for Covid after the initial positive. But it’s still unclear whether The View will broadcast from the studio this coming week.