‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Reveals How Ariana Grande ‘Destroyed’ His Dreams All the Way Back in 2016

by John Jamison

Well, folks. Tonight’s the night. It’s been a long time coming. But “The Voice” is finally set to return with a panel featuring none other than Ariana Grande. Fans were ecstatic when she was announced as the show’s newest coach. She is “The Voice” coach of many’s dreams. But it’s safe to say not everyone is a superfan. In fact, she crushed the hopes and dreams of fellow panelist country star Blake Shelton.

But isn’t Blake Shelton in his 40s? Yes. Shelton does indeed have quite the age advantage over 28-year old Ariana Grande. So how did she crush his dreams? Well, age doesn’t factor into album sales.

According to an interview “The Voice” panelists did with People, Blake Shelton made the fateful mistake of releasing a 2016 album on the same day as Ariana’s album release. He had aspirations of holding the title for the No. 1 album. But those hopes were quickly dashed when he realized what was happening. Popstar Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” album proved too much for Shelton to overtake.

“I released the album, and I had some momentum going at that point musically. I was excited thinking that this might be my chance to have the No. 1 album in the country,” said Shelton.

So he didn’t have the No. 1 album in the country. But how about the No. 1 country album… in the country? “If I’m Honest performed exceptionally well. It earned the No. 3 spot on the overall charts and No. 1 for country. Still, Shelton’s “dreams were destroyed.”

“Literally, I may as well have released a coaster of a CD. You trashed my album!” Shelton added.

In reality, Shelton was probably disappointed at the time. But these days, his exchanges with Ariana all look to be in good fun.

‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande Are Getting Along as the New Seaon Begins

Of course, missing out on having the No. 1 overall album is a heartbreaking thing, especially considering Shelton had a serious chance at getting there. But that doesn’t matter now. As the new season of “The Voice” gets underway, Shelton and Ariana Grande are getting along.

Some of that is thanks to fellow coach and talk show host Kelly Clarkson. According to Shelton, Clarkson was a source for some bonding between him and Grande.

“Our bond has been that we both make fun of Kelly,” Shelton said. Nothing like finding common ground.

And even though Grande doesn’t hesitate to make fun of Kelly Clarkson with Blake Shelton. Clarkson herself had some high praise for Ariana.

“She’s got this incredible talent with not just her tone but her range. Then also experience. She’s been doing it forever, since she was a kid. That’s an amazing amount of experience to be able to bestow upon your artists that you’re working with,” Clarkson said.