‘The Voice’ Coach Kelly Clarkson Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Her Team’s Gifts: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

Coach Kelly Clarkson on “The Voice” gives viewers a little behind-the-scenes view of some of her team’s gifts on Monday before the show.

Clarkson, who also hosts a weekday talk show on television, chirped up about a new color scheme for Team Kelly and a couple of other things. Check out what “The Voice” star and music sensation says in this video from her Instagram account.

Besides Clarkson, Outsiders who regularly watch “The Voice” know that other coaches include Blake Shelton, John Legend, and newcomer Ariana Grande.

This popular competition is back and quite busy on NBC again on Monday nights.

We’ll just have to watch and see what happens with both coaches and team members.

“The Voice” airs at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. Keep tabs on what’s going down this season at the show’s website on NBC.

‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Gives Clarkson Chance To Bring New Member On Squad

Kelly Clarkson knows a thing or two about talented singers from her time on “The Voice” and other places.

She, too, has been one of those who auditioned for a spot on TV’s “American Idol.”

But she’s sitting on the other side of those auditions. “The Voice” coach happened to pick up another squad member on the last night of two for Blind Auditions.

Contestant Carolina Alonso brought some heavy artillery when it comes to songs. She sang “El Triste” that was a cover of the magnificent performance by José José.

Alonso Performance Sends Coach Kelly Into Excited State Over Other Coaches

So Carolina starts singing this song and Clarkson is about to go apoplectic in happiness.

She looks right at the show’s audience with a smile of glee. Clarkson even mutters “I love this” during Alonso’s appearance.

Clarkson became the lone coach to turn around after Alonso finished.

Well, that put a charge into Kelly.

“I’m so happy,” Clarkson says excitedly. “I was so nervous they were going to push their button.”

Legend and Grande looked toward Alonso and offered some kind words and critiques about her performance.

Ratings For First Night of TV Show Were Strong as Coaches Deliver Cover Versions

Looking back on its first show on NBC this season provided some solid rating numbers.

“The Voice” had 7.2 million viewers. It scored a 1.1 rating for Monday night’s first Blind Auditions show.

All four coaches performed songs for the studio audience and those watching at home.

Shelton and Legend were on point with their Sam & Dave cover, “Hold On I’m Coming.”

Grande and Kelly Clarkson were knocking it out with their Aretha Franklin cover, “Respect.”

Rating numbers were available in an article from TVLine.