‘The Voice’: Father-Son Duo Absolutely Crush Cover of John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’

by Jonathan Howard

The Voice has such a knack for landing quality talent. The most recent came in the form of a father-son country/Americana duo. The two absolutely brought harmony while strumming an acoustic guitar and mandolin. Jim and Sasha Allen made Blake Shelton envious after his other co-judges turned around.

After just over a minute of performing, the Allens had two judges fighting over the duo. Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande both turned around after hearing the father and son perform John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane. Listen below, it is chilling and impressive all at once.

As the judges spoke to Jim and Sasha, they all had one clear compliment. The harmony between the two was absolutely astounding. They looked like they were loving every second of being on stage, not because of the crowd or cameras, but because they were together. Afterward, Blake Shelton had egg on his face. Sasha drew a great picture of him, his dad, and Shelton together.

“What kind of a jackass wouldn’t turn around for these people?!” Shelton asked while pointing at himself.

The harmony was truly wonderful. There is a term in country/folk music called “blood harmony.” Blood harmony is a special harmony that two or more close family members have with one another. It is unlike any other harmony. One of the most famous examples in the history of Americana music has to be The Louvin Brothers.

In the end, there was one clear decision to make for Jim and Sasha…join Team Ariana! Clarkson admitted she already had a group act, so it made sense for the duo to be Grande’s first and hopefully only group of the season. With their range, the duo will be served well on Ariana’s team.

‘The Voice’ Two Night Premiere Delivering Talent

This is night two of the two-night special season debut for The Voice. So far, there have been so many wonderful auditions and the judges have had to compete for the talent on the show. While that is nothing new, the shows have been entertaining, nonetheless.

So far, the premiere has garnered lots of viewers. The four-judge panel might be the most star-studded it has ever been. The addition of Ariana Grande only makes the show better. Young Sasha sure was taken back when she flipped her chair around. He almost fell to the floor.

With all the talent this season has shown in the season premiere, this is likely going to be an excellent season of The Voice. Everything got started when Shelton and John Legend belted out Hold On I’m Coming. Then the ladies, Clarkson and Grande put on a crazy rendition of Respect by Aretha Franklin. This is going to be a season worth watching all Fall.