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‘The Voice’ Gives First Look at Incredible Multiple Chair Turn Performance Ahead of Season Premiere

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“The Voice” promises to showcase some stellar talent tonight on the Season 21 premiere. And one contestant impresses three of the judges so much that they spend several minutes arguing their case for him to join their teams.

The contestant in question is Vaughn Mugol, a registered nurse from Beaumont, Texas. The show posted his absolutely gorgeous performance of Ed Sheeran’s song “The A Team” to their Twitter page earlier today. The clip teases viewers, showing how Mugol absolutely kills the performance but must make a tough choice.

“Which team do you think he picks?” the show captions the video. “Find out on the #VoicePremiere with @BlakeShelton, @KellyClarkson, @JohnLegend, and @ArianaGrande TONIGHT 8/7c on @NBC.”

During his performance, Mugol convinces coach John Legend to turn around first, followed shortly by Kelly Clarkson. Eventually, new coach Ariana Grande turns around as well, leaving just Blake Shelton to decide if Mogul’s worth fighting for. It certainly looks like a hard decision for Shelton, who doesn’t end up turning around.

Grande kicks off her case right away, pointing out a moment when Mugol’s voice breaks. “I would love to work with you on perfecting those moments,” the new “The Voice” coach says.

Legend quickly picks up after Grande, saying, “I was the first person to turn for you, I feel like I have the right experience on this show helping artists pick songs, helping them prepare for these moments. I would love to have you on Team Legend.”

Clarkson jumps in and tries to connect with Mugol. “You’re an emotional singer, and that’s all I am is emotion.”

One of the judges asks if Blake Shelton has anything to say. “I thought your performance was incredible, but I hate all three of those people so I don’t want to be in the mix right now.”

But Grande makes the best closing case for the incredible “The Voice” contestant.

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“I know that I’m new here and you guys don’t know me as a coach yet,” Grande starts off. “But I want to guide you in this competition. I want to help you sing the right songs, I want to answer any questions that you have regarding my experiences and help you get to where you wanna go as an artist.”

The new “The Voice” coach doesn’t stop, keeping her momentum going to try and persuade Mugol to join her team.

“I want to help you get to the healthiest place with your instrument that you’ve ever been in your life. I want to help you become one of the biggest artists you can be, I want to help you win this thing and have a career and I want to be here to do the real work,” she finishes.

Will Mugol throw his lot in with Grande? Or did Legend and Clarkson sell their case enough? Find out tonight on the Season 21 premiere of “The Voice” on NBC.