‘The Voice’: How the Show Determines Who Could Be a Coach

by John Jamison
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Coaches have come and gone since “The Voice” started in 2011. But host Carson Daly has remained a consistent presence on the show the entire time. Season 21 of the fan-favorite talent show is kicking off on September 20. And the coaches panel looks a lot different than it did for Season 1.

But how exactly does the show go about choosing the coaches? We wouldn’t mind taking a turn in those spinning chairs. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t exactly qualified for the job. Host Carson Daly explained what “The Voice” looks for in potential coaches.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he went in-depth on the things that make the show tick.

“There’s no magic formula. We haven’t had a lot of divas and egomaniacs and people who are there for the wrong reason. What makes the show good is the ribbing. When you watch Blake give it to Ariana Grande and she gives it right back and calls him her grandpa, it’s hilarious. As soon as there’s a comfort factor and people can get in the rhythm of the show and have fun with each other, that’s when we know we’re onto a good panel,” Daly said.

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that there aren’t set requirements for a coach on “The Voice.” The whole point is that they are people who have found success in the music industry. With that as a basis, the rest boils down to chemistry. The upcoming season will see the veterans welcome on Ariana Grande as the newest addition to the panel. It didn’t take long for her to start roasting Blake Shelton. So fans may be in for a fun season.

‘The Voice’ Host Carson Daly Thinks Rotating Coaches Is a Reason for the Show’s Success

When reality TV shows start to switch things up in terms of personalities, it’s often a sign that something has soured on set. But according to host Carson Daly, that’s all part of the plan when it comes to “The Voice.”

“When the show started, had a show like ‘American Idol,’ for instance, had a panel change as many times as we’ve had, that would have been a bad thing; it would have been like, ‘Oh, this group of coaches or judges are falling out with each other.’ But ‘The Voice’ came on the air with four of the biggest names in music, and so it was never a surprise to anybody that John Legend or Adam Levine would need to go out on tour. I think our revolving door of coaches has been a big secret of our success,” Daly continued in the interview.

“The Voice” has a unique advantage in that all of the coaches are also working musicians. They have built-in excuses to take a season or two off when required. They also draw a massive audience.