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‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson Hypes Up ‘Night Two’ of Season Premiere in Backstage Pic with Coaches

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Noam Galai/GC Images)

Kelly Clarkson is hyping up night two of the season premiere of The Voice in a backstage pic with the coaches. Season 21 of the show officially began last night. They kicked it off with a stellar performance by Clarkson and new coach Ariana Grande before showing off the new talent for this season.

“Night two of the season 21 premiere of @NBCTheVoice is tonight! What did y’all think of last night’s performances?’ Clarkson wrote.

There were PLENTY of notable performances to pick from last night and tonight is sure to introduce more powerful contestants to the show. Clarkson also scored a major victory last night by winning over the first four-chair turn of the season, an act named “Girl Named Tom.” The group, composed of three siblings, started off the blind auditions with a bang.

Blake Shelton Described One of Last Night’s Performances as one of ‘The Voice’s’ ‘Top Three’ Blind Auditions Ever

While there were plenty of goosebumps-inducing performances, it was 56-year-old Wendy Moten that absolutely blew away the judges. Not only was there a four-chair turn, but Blake Shelton used his coveted block button on John Legend, preventing him from adding the singer to his team.

Moten Sang a mind-blowing rendition of We Can Work It Out by the Beatles. Moten found brief success with her song Come In Out of the Rain in the 1990s, but once her record deal was over, she worked as a background singer for multiple famous artists like John Oates and Julio Iglesias.

Ariana Grande did not mince words about how powerful her performance was.

“What a privilege for them to have gotten to sing with you. You are spectacular and I need you to be in the foreground. It’s time,” she said.

Kelly Clarkson added that Moten’s performance is essentially the embodiment of why the show exists.

“You are what this show is all about. A voice that is so powerful, so transcendent that you kind of move people to another level,” she said.

But Moten shocked fans when she opted to go with Blake Shelton as her coach. He did use his block on her and described her performance as one of the “top three blind auditions ever on this show.” So the hilariously smug country star got a major win when Moten was won over enough to join his team, much to the dismay of Grande, Clarkson, and the already blocked John Legend.

Whatever comes next tonight, It’ll be hard to top Moten’s chilling performance. Still, there are so many musical artists coming up that it’s hard to say what’ll happen next.

You can catch the next episode of the show tonight at 8/7 central.