‘The Voice’: Meet Blake Shelton’s First Artist of the Season, Peedy Chavis

by John Jamison

“The Voice” is back. And per usual, Blake Shelton is already hauling in the talent. During the Season 21 premiere of the long-running talent show, the country star spun his chair around for a young artist named Peedy Chavis. If we knew nothing else about him, his name would be enough. That’s a star in the making if we’ve ever seen one. Fortunately, we know plenty about his background. Let’s dive in.

Peedy Chavis is the type of guy you’d expect to compete on “The Voice.” He’s a young artist who can both sing and strum. According to Talentrecap.com, Blake Shelton’s newest artist performed at the 2020 Georgia Thespian Conference. That seems right in line with his involvement with high school theater. Chavis also has a YouTube channel where he posts covers of popular songs.

Blake Shelton was beyond excited to land the young artist. And he didn’t hesitate to let fellow coach John Legend know about it. Shelton was impressed by Peedy’s talent. But he was enamored with Chavis’ hair.

“He’s got so much confidence on stage. This is huge for ‘The Voice,'” Shelton said. “If you watch this show, then you know that I brag a little bit. So I wanted a win cam.”

Blake Shelton led Peedy to a special camera on stage. It appears to be a new addition to the show this year. The frame is flashily decorated with a border that very appropriately reads, “Blake’s Win Cam.”

So What is It Like Being A Contestant on ‘The Voice’

Peedy Chavis walks in the footsteps of many contestants that have come before him. For the past 20 seasons, aspiring musical artists have competed for their shot at a career. But what is it like to actually be in that position? Not just performing, but the daily existence as part of the show.

The likes of Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, and John Legend are called coaches. But how involved do they get with their contestants? Well, it depends.

“Each coach has their own style—some are avid texters, while others email. All off-camera interactions intensify as the artists move through the competition and the stakes get higher. The number one communication is about song choice,” executive producer Audrey Morrisey told SheKnows in 2018.

And there is plenty of testimony from the perspective of the contestants themselves, too. Kat Perkins was a contestant on Season 6 of “The Voice.” Her coach was Adam Levine. According to her, he was always ready to help answer any questions she may have had.

“I could email Adam literally 24/7. and he was really great about responding and making sure I felt comfortable, even during the night before,” Kat Perkins told Cosmpolitan recently.