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‘The Voice’: Watch the Coaches Tell Stories Behind Their Unique Artist Gifts

by Evan Reier
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

The Voice is just pure fun. Sure, it’s a competition through and through. But at the end of the day, it’s a celebration of talent.

And you can’t have a celebration without some gifts. Which is what each coach brings every year, welcoming their talents with knick-knacks or something to make them know they’re on that team.

In a recent video, The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Ariana Grande all revealed details behind their gifts. The approach always differs between the coaches. However, one reoccurring thing for Shelton is that they have to be funny, and they have to be about him.

“If you watch this show, you know that I brag a little bit when somebody chooses me as their coach, and so I wanted a win cam,” Shelton says per People. “It’s something I can put in people’s face, like, ‘This artist chose me.’ That’s really what keeps me coming back.”

Even better is that Shelton apparently didn’t travel far for the camera.

“It’s a nice piece of security equipment I tore off my house. It’s been good for me, it’s been good luck,” he joked. “It brings bragging to a whole new level.”

Meanwhile, Legend looked to the boxing ring for his gifts. The acclaimed singer is giving out boxing robes for his gifts.

“Mike Tyson would wear it,” Legend says. “The last few years my gift to my team hasn’t been something they can take home: I shook their hand with a rubber glove, not so great, I sang them a song, I liked it but then I got kind of tired of singing. So I decided I was going to give them something they could walk away with. We’re going to win the championship, so I decided to give them the classic boxing training robe.”

Considering Legend only has one win in his time on the show, bringing an edge may be exactly what he needs.

‘The Voice’ Coaches Kelly Clarkson Keeps it the Same

While Legend and Shelton continue to mix it up, Clarkson is sticking to what’s worked: a Team Kelly jacket.

The only difference this time around is the color, which is of a slick turquoise.

“It’s fabulous,” Clarkson says in the clip. “I’m so excited about my team this year, and this might be my favorite color.”

Then arrives Ariana Grande. Grande’s online following has made her an immediate contender on the show, and she’s taking it seriously. That’s why her gift doesn’t focus on herself or having that much fun, but is of something legitimately useful to the contestants: a vocal first-aid kit.

“As a coach, I want them to maintain healthy instruments,” she says. “My gift this season is a lunch box. There are supplements and teas and honey packets to help soothe your voice… I hope the singers on this show book big tours and that they get to go sing for the rest of their lives. I hope that they find these tools very helpful.”