‘The Waltons’ Star Richard Thomas Named What Type of Roles He’s Looking for in Modern Day

by Joe Rutland

Richard Thomas remains tied to “The Waltons” all these years later, but the actor remains busy and is looking for new roles.

What types of roles is the Broadway-trained actor looking for these days? Outsiders, let’s take a look.

Thomas elaborated on that in an interview with Closer Weekly.

“In terms of television, it’s always what looks interesting,” he said. “[I like to] keep as much variety as possible in the roles. In theater, hopefully, there will be new plays by living playwrights offering surprising art soon.

“I love working on plays with living playwrights, but I also love the dead guys,” Thomas, who played John-Boy Walton on the CBS family drama, said. “There is still some Shakespeare out there for me to tackle.”

‘The Waltons’ Actor Started His Career As A Child On TV In Manhattan

His acting career started years before “The Waltons.” Thomas actually was a child actor who got roles on local television in Manhattan in New York City, where he grew up.

While it might hard to believe, the actor had plenty of TV work before sticking around on “The Waltons” for five seasons. Thomas played John-Boy from 1972-77, then went on to do more stage and TV appearances. Those early TV shows included “The Defenders,” “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” “Medical Center,” “Bonanza,” and “Night Gallery.”

In more recent TV work, Thomas popped up on “The Americans,” “Law & Order,” “SVU,” “The Good Wife,” and “Blue Bloods.”

No matter what type of work the versatile actor gets in his career, many people who see him on stage or TV will still call him John-Boy Walton. Thomas is OK with that as he’s established himself as a capable actor in his own right.

Richard Thomas Already Has A Strong Idea What Headlines Will Say Upon Death

As we said, Outsiders, Thomas has come to peace with his role in “The Waltons” and its place in TV history.

Yet he’s also aware of what those headlines on TV and in newspapers will say about him when he dies.

In a 2014 interview with Closer Weekly, Thomas talked about his “John-Boy fame.”

Thomas said it would not surprise him if they read “John-Boy dies.” He’s cool with it.

“‘The Waltons’ stands out as not only an important part of my life and career but also a wonderful part,” he said.

Oh, if you go up to him and think you are going to goad him into something by saying “Good night, John-Boy!”, then think again.

“It made me a star,” Thomas said of the Earl Hamner Jr.-created TV show. “It gave me the leverage that allowed me to work steadily my whole life.”

So, keep your eyes open and see when this fantastic actor pops up on TV or stage.