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‘Tulsa King’ Season Two May Bring This Side Character Into The Limelight

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images)

One of the interesting things about Tulsa King is that there are different characters in play all the time on the show. One of those happens to be Tina, who is the daughter of Dwight Manfredi, played by Sylvester Stallone. At the end of the show’s first season, we saw Dwight get put in handcuffs in front of Tina. This time, though, it was because Dwight got betrayed by Stacy, his former love interest. Because she did this, she can save her job at the ATF. Who will take over his business affairs while he’s detained? It might be Tina.

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Why should Tina get involved in Season 2 of Tulsa King? Well, she moved to Tulsa and brought the kids with her. She was hesitant at first to do so. But she did join him eventually. The show’s first season also let us get a look at Tina’s traumatic background. With him now arrested, she could return to New York. But that’s something probably not in the cards for her at this time. It appears that she’s going to hang around and help her father out as much as possible.

‘Tulsa King’ Allows For Growing Connection Between Dwight Manfredi And His Daughter Tina

At the beginning, she and Dwight didn’t really talk much. All of his attempts to reconcile with her went for naught. But when Dwight’s younger brother died, they ended up speaking. Dwight heard about what Nico did to Tina. That allowed for some emotional healing to take place. Tina and her family were in danger after Dwight got some revenge on Nico. This brought father and daughter closer together. She would accept his offer to come to Tulsa. Now, Tina is set up to help out with her father’s business, ScreenRant reports.

Tina understands that her family is not safe in New York at this time. Dwight is in custody. Minus the protection that Dwight can offer her, Chickie could hurt her as he did with Tina’s husband. Staying in Tulsa makes all the sense in the world. Dwight has a new bar and casino opening up. So, therefore, with him tied up, Tina can play a bigger role in the family business. Additionally, we could see more of this character in the show, too.

Stallone obviously loves to play Dwight on the show. It marks the first time that he’s playing a mobster. One might think that he would have played one sooner than at this time of his career. But he’s one now. And add this to the Stallone resume’. This is the first time that he’s played a lead character in a TV series.