WATCH: Blake Shelton Wins Over Country Group ‘The Joy Reunion’ from John Legend on ‘The Voice’

by Jonathan Howard

An emotional audition happened during the blinds with The Joy Reunion on The Voice and had two judges fighting over them. A strong country music trio with great harmony, style, and sound, that has Blake Shelton written all over it. However, John Legend had something to say as well.

After a great audition playing Boondocks, that Little Big Town classic, the band got emotional. They have all tried their own paths and now as a trio are being recognized. Not just by Shelton but by Legend as well. It was all a little too real for the group on The Voice, just for a moment.

“It means a lot to me when I hit my button for a country artist. Because I’m a coach for all kinds of artists on this show. When it comes to country artists, these are who’s going to take this thing long after me and keep it going and keep it on the radio. Country music isn’t just a hobby for me, country music is my life. I live it and breathe it,” Shelton had to say.

“Like Blake, country music is my life,” Legend joked immediately after.

The Voice judges gave so many kind words. Even Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson gave the group plenty of compliments. Clarkson didn’t turn due to the fact she has a country music group, A Girl Named Tom, on her team. When it was time to pick, it was clear there was only one correct answer.

Blake Shelton. The country artist and The Voice veteran gloated and then gave his new group a couple of handshakes and a hug. This band is seriously cool.

Blake Shelton Lands Another Country Act on ‘The Voice’

With Shelton’s track record on The Voice, he can pick any country act he likes that gets up on that stage. It comes down to Kelly Clarkson and Shelton for those acts most of the time. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to compete with other judges when he turns his chair around.

That was not the case with Carson Peters. Shelton had to battle with all of his fellow judges. The performance from the teenage Tennessee singer got everyone excited. After hearing the pure country ooze from Peters, Shelton didn’t need to hear anything else. He wanted this young artist on his team.

Although the other judges made the decision difficult, it ultimately was the longtime The Voice judge that got the young singer. After Peters mentioned that he had played with Ricky Skaggs and had a big Bluegrass influence, it was settled. He was a perfect fit for the Shelton team.

For the country music star, it seems he can pick and choose whoever he wants if they come in with a southern twang. The results speak for themselves.