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WATCH: ‘Gold Rush’ Star Rick Ness Lives Everyone’s Worst Nightmare When He Gets Trapped in Sink Hole

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images)

Do you ever find yourself getting trapped in a sink hole while driving? Probably not. But “Gold Rush” star Rick Ness had his moment.

Outsiders, let’s go back to Season 9 of The Discovery Channel show. Ness is feeling the pressure as time is ticking away to gather gold.

He is taking some drastic measures in trying to open up another cut. What happens is something no “Gold Rush” mining team captain wants to see.

So Ness found himself stuck in a sinkhole. He’s driving a massive excavator and desperately reaches out to father “Big Rick” Ness for help.

Dad comes to the rescue and makes the save. It is quite a sight to see, so let’s take a look at father and son out on the land.

We’re pretty sure that Rick Ness was happy his old man happened to be close by.

Ness was at one time a team member who worked under Parker Schnabel. But “Gold Rush” has been showing Ness and his growth on the mine.

A new season for “Gold Rush” gets underway on Sept. 24. As usual, this series can be found on Discovery.

Ness Opens ‘Gold Rush’ New Season Without A Team Around Him

People tuning into “Gold Rush” for a new season will be surprised to find Ness working alone.

Say what? Yes. Ness starts a new season without a crew. Two members of his team didn’t return for another year of gold mining.

Ness starts working faster than he planned. But Ness found himself “on a hot paystreak.”

What did he do to make up for some lost time? The “Gold Rush” star added horsepower to his operation. First up was a bulldozer worth $500,000. Toss in a new excavator and Ness was moving forward.

He also has a goal to mine 2,000 ounces of gold. It would be the biggest amount Ness has ever collected. Well, Ness is definitely going forward. Those “Gold Rush” fans can tune in and see if he’s able to do it.

Ness is joined this season by three other miners, Parker SchnabelTony Beets, and Fred Lewis, returning for this season.

Schnabel is concerned about falling behind. He takes a risk and digs at one place 50 feet underground. That is going to cost him a lot of money.

As for Beets, his eye-catching goal on “Gold Rush” is 9,000 ounces of gold. It’s valued at close to $16 million.

Look for Lewis to ask Schnabel for assistance. He spent last season in Oregon but returns to the Yukon. What Lewis really wants to do is be successful and have that pass down to those veterans working with him this season.