WATCH: ‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Went for a Joyride in Badass ’60 Chevy Corvair

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Part of Rick Harrison’s job at Pawn Stars is not just buying and selling items, but making sure that they are in functional order. That includes driving really cool cars from time to time. Back in season 8, Harrison and his son Corey got to take a look at a super badass 1960 Chevy Corvair.

Not only was this car in working order, but it also had a great interior and exterior. However, when dealing with any potential vehicle purchase, it is always important to test drive. Harrison knows this, so of course, he jumped behind the wheel and took it around the streets of Las Vegas. Watch below.

When it comes to Chevy Corvairs, there is a dark history behind the model. With independent suspension, an engine in the rear, and a sleek body design, this was a revolutionary car. Not to mention, it was ahead of its time in fuel efficiency by getting 24-26 MPG.

As the Pawn Stars were behind the wheel, they looked like they enjoyed themselves. Chevy Corvairs are really fun to drive, but they can be tricky. They have a history of being hard to drive which led to lots of wrecks in the 1960s. It soon became more than just a minor issue. However, Harrison completed his test drive with little issue. The car didn’t shift that well and there was an apparent leak in the exhaust.

With that said, the Pawn Stars ultimately didn’t buy the car. The owner wanted at least $6,000 and they didn’t want to go over $3,000. In the end, it didn’t work out, but Rick got to drive a super cool car and honor the history of the dubious Corvair.

‘Pawn Stars’ Drive Infamous Car

The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison knows plenty about old cars and more. When he saw the Chevy Corvair he knew the history that preceded the vehicle. With this bold and revolutionary vehicle, Chevy attempted to compete with the Volkswagen and Porsche cars of the time. An engine in the back and other innovations made the car fun, but also unstable.

In the video of Rick driving the car, you can see the slack in the wheel and how much he has to move it in order to stay in a straight line. Back when it was originally released, the car didn’t have seatbelts or other safety features. Politician Ralph Nader wrote a scathing book regarding the vehicle’s safety. That book, Unsafe at Any Speed, was to the car industry what Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle was to food processing.

Due to Nader’s work, American automobiles started to come equipped with seat belts and other safety features like airbags. Over the years cars have gotten safer thanks to these efforts as well. While the Pawn Stars didn’t buy the 1960 Corvair it was mostly due to other issues outside of the safety concerns of the 60s.