WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Contestant’s Rendition of ‘Rocket Man’ Will Make You Teary-Eyed

by Leanne Stahulak

“The Voice” contestants continue to wow the judges and audiences this season, with some incredible singers putting in absolutely phenomenal performances. But one performer last night caused all four judges to turn around and vie for her to join their teams.

Holly Forbes, a 30-year-old mother of two from Kentucky, stunned the judges last night in a heartwrenching performance of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.” The show’s official Twitter account shared a clip of Forbes from last night’s episode, where she was the last audition. The episode cut off before it could reveal which of the four judges she picks.

“@hollyforbes singing “Rocket Man” by @eltonofficial will make you so emotional,” the official “The Voice” account tweeted. “Find out which Coach she picks when the #VoiceBlinds continue TOMORROW 8/7c on @NBC.” By tomorrow, they now mean tonight, on Tuesday, Sept, 28.

Check out her gorgeous performance for yourself in the tweet below!

Does anyone else have chills? I know I certainly do, and the judges must as well, considering the lengths one judge went to in order to sabotage another.

‘The Voice’ Coach Ariana Grande Blocks Fellow Coach John Legend from Having Holly Forbes Join His Team

“The Voice” coach Ariana Grande finally put her one “block” to good use last night, blocking John Legend from asking Forbes to join his team. The two hit their buzzers at almost the exact same time, though Grande must’ve gotten just a millisecond on him.

When speaking to Forbes after her performance, Grande summed up the singer’s presentation perfectly.

“That was so incredibly moving. I’m choked up,” the “The Voice” coach told Forbes. “Every single second of it was so emotionally charged. I respect and admire and would love to work with you.”

Forbes then dropped the bomb that might just influence her decision about her coach. “My daughter’s watching, and she’s the biggest fan of [Ariana Grande]. Her name’s Violet,” Forbes revealed.

“Oh my god, Violet, I love you!” Grande said on national television. Violet must be the happiest little girl on the planet after that.

Despite being blocked, Legend also congratulated Forbes on a “compelling” performance. Fellow “The Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson commended the singer on the variations in her voice, telling Forbes, “You just got lost in it, and you became just the vessel for the song. And that’s just the most beautiful thing.”

Clarkson admitted that she knows the pressure Forbes must feel to pick Grande, “because if my baby girl liked her, I’d probably go with her too. Because I do everything my daughter loves.”

“The Voice” coach Blake Shelton actually made a good argument on why Grande might not be the best pick for Forbes. “I will just remind you that some children love too much sugar, or some kids may like playing with fire. It’s not necessarily the best thing,” Shelton said.

We’ll see if his argument has any sway over Forbes when she chooses her coach in tonight’s episode.