‘Waterboy’ Star Peter Dante Reportedly Arrested After Allegedly Making Criminal Threats to His Neighbor

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Marc Andrew Deley/Getty Images)

The LAPD reportedly arrested Waterboy star Peter Dante after he made criminal threats to his neighbor. The comedic actor is known for his work in various Adam Sandler movies along with Waterboy. Despite the fact that they played rivals, Peter Dante became a close friend of Sandler’s after the 1998 film.

According to People, the LAPD arrested the actor after he threatened his neighbors over a noise complaint. The LAPD took the complaints very seriously after talking to the neighbors involved.

The publication states that the 52-year-old was allegedly taken into custody at 9:52 am on Wednesday in Los Angeles. He’s been charged with a felony offense and was held on $50,000 bail before his release later that evening. He is due in court on January 12, 2022. Thankfully, he only made threats and injured nobody in the incident.

TMZ, allegedly citing law enforcement sources, reported that Dante felt upset with the noises coming from a construction project on a neighbor’s property. Dante walked right up to the neighbor outside the property. That’s when the confrontation began.

During that confrontation, the actor made violent threats against the neighbor and his family. TMZ states that he reportedly threatened to kill his neighbor as well as his neighbor’s wife and kids.

This isn’t Peter Dante’s first story like this. In 2013, Dante was reportedly thrown out of a Los Angeles hotel for threatening a hotel clerk and calling him racial and homophobic slurs. Whether its a coincidence or not, this is the same the year as Dante’s last appearance in an Adam Sandler film.

Peter Dante’s Last Adam Sandler Film was ‘Grown Ups 2’

Aside from Waterboy, Dante is known for his work in Grandma’s Boy (2006), 50 First Dates (2004), and That’s My Boy (2012). A day before the incident, Dante posted a tribute to late comedian Norm Mcdonald who passed away earlier this week.

Dante also has had a hand and writing and directing for some Adam Sandler films and worked closely alongside Sandler on multiple projects. Dante wrote, acted in, and produced Grandma’s Boy. In the movie, he plays a drug dealer with a pet chimpanzee.

He most recently featured in Grown Ups 2 where he had a small role as officer Peter Dante. Many of the characters he played in Adam Sandler’s films were versions of his own name. He was close friends with Adam Sandler, but it appears that he hasn’t starred in any of his films since Grown Ups 2, which premiered in 2013.

Since then, Sandler has gone on to play numerous roles in works such as Men, Women, and Children, Hotel Transylvania, Uncut Gems, and Hubie Halloween. Dante has only made three small appearances since Grown Ups 2.