‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Up in Arms Over Pat Sajak ‘Me Too Moment’ With Vanna White

by Caitlin Berard

After almost four decades co-hosting Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak and Vanna White are extremely comfortable around one another. On Wednesday night’s episode of the game show, Pat Sajak sent the Wheel of Fortune fandom into a tailspin when he asked his co-host Vanna White if she watched opera “in the buff.”

One of the contestants included Ashely Fabian, a professional opera singer who raked in close to $70,000 between the regular round and bonus puzzle. The contestant’s profession sparked the conversation between Sajak and White that led to uproar online.

“Are you an opera buff at all?” Sajak asked. White responded, “Yes. I’m not a buff, but I like opera.”

The conversation could have ended there, and the internet probably wouldn’t have exploded. Sajak continued, however, asking White, “Have you ever watched opera in the buff?” adding, “I’m just curious.”

The unexpected question from Sajak caused outrage and confusion among Wheel of Fortune fans, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the interaction between hosts. “I feel like I just witnessed a me too moment on Wheel of Fortune?” one viewer tweeted.

Viewers were so upset by the bizarre question that some even called for Pat Sajak’s dismissal from the show. One fan wrote, “Wheel of Fortune someone please replace this man. Pat Sajak is absolutely inappropriate asking Vanna White is she’s watched opera naked? Are you serious? Gross.”

Another said, “These are filmed three months in advance. They could edit this crap. Please Pat. Retire. You have lost your filter. Maggie Sajak, Please, take over.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Defend Pat Sajak

Much of the Wheel of Fortune fandom were enraged by the host’s off color comment. That said, many others stepped in to defend the long-time game show host. One fan wrote, “People are getting mad at Pat Sajak for a dumb joke. Pat and Vanna have been friends longer than most of you outraged clowns have been alive.”

Another viewer expressed annoyance at their fellow fans for telling Vanna “how to feel.”

The opera controversy is just the most recent of Pat Sajak’s offenses in the eyes of the Wheel of Fortune fanbase. Earlier this month, Sajak caused an uproar once again when he denied a contestant a trip to Puerto Rico over a small mistake.

The answer to the puzzle was “frozen concoction.” The contestant, however, responded, “a frozen concoction” before repeating the answer correctly. Sajak responded, “Chris [the contestant] knows what he did, which is why he went back.”

“He threw in that article. He threw in the ‘A’ in front of it, and we can’t accept it. Just the way it goes,” Sajak continued. “It’s just one of the rules, and we gotta go by ’em, and Carol ends up getting the trip to Puerto Rico.”