‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak ‘Afraid of a Viewer Revolt’ Over Show’s Major Change

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Over the several decades that Wheel of Fortune has been on TV, it has largely remained unchanged. However, there is one big change this year. The overall format has stayed the same, but some fans are going to have a hard time adjusting. When it comes to the long-running game show, tradition reigns supreme.

However, change is a natural occurrence. Now, when contestants are in the final round, Pat Sajak will not be spinning the wheel. Typically, Sajak grabs the wheel and gives it one final spin after the chime goes off to signal the end of the show. While this seems like a small alteration to some, the host knows many viewers will question the move. He sees it as a way to focus less on himself and more on the game. He spoke with his daughter Maggie about the change.

“The reason [for the change] is, honestly, I’ve never liked the idea of imposing the host on the game. That always bothered me a little bit. We finally got to talking. We said, ‘Look, someone’s spinning the wheel anyway. We’ll save time…So the final spin, at least as far as the host is concerned, is one, but the final spin remains. I’m just not doing it.”

This isn’t something that Sajak and the folks at Wheel of Fortune take lightly. In fact, Sajak himself knows that there is a chance of some backlash due to the decision. People will fuss about anything, he jokingly said that he’s, “afraid of a viewer revolt” because of the change.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Vanna White Dazzles in New Season

While Pat Sajak goes around changing the game, his partner in crime on the show Vanna White is styling and dazzling just as she always has. Sajak joked about how Vanna change the game long before he ever decided to stop spinning the final spin.

“You remember when Vanna used to turn the letters? Well, she complained. The work was way too hard, the workload, so now they just light up…No, I’m lying about this,” the Wheel host said in jest.

However, one thing has not changed in the long history that Sajak and White have been on screen together. That is Vanna’s long and illustrious history of wearing amazing dresses and gowns. In recent pictures shared on Instagram, White was seen in her ensemble from the last week of shows. Most from this week were knee-length and seemed like the perfect end-of-summer looks. Always a style icon, you can see those outfits here.

So, it isn’t just Pat that has changed Wheel of Fortune over the years. There are grandmas out there still upset that Vanna doesn’t spin the letter around…probably. With the new change to the final spin, fans will get used to it. The show is mostly unchanged and will still be full of all the things that viewers love, like Vanna White’s dresses!