‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Tries Her Hand at Making Vanna White’s ‘Famous Vanna Banana Pudding’

by Keeli Parkey

If you’re looking for a tasty banana pudding recipe, you don’t need to look any further than the recipe “Wheel of Fortune” star Vanna White prefers above all the rest. And, unsurprisingly, the recipe has come to be known as the “Famous Vanna Banana Pudding” recipe.

Luckily for banana pudding fans, White allowed all of the details of her recipe to be shared by Maggie Sajak during a recent behind-the-scenes video shared by the popular game show. Maggie, who is a child of White’s longtime co-host Pat Sajak, shared details of the recipe via the show’s social media on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

According to the video shared by the game show’s Twitter account, the discussion of the banana pudding recipe was the result of a conversation Vanna White and Pat Sajak had at the end of a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

At the end of this episode, Pat asks Vanna about a dessert she has been making for many, many years. “Banana pudding. Homemade banana pudding,” Vanna also shared during the episode. “With the Nilla wafer. I assume the recipe is still on the box, but I kind of modify the recipe.”

For her banana pudding, the “Wheel of Fortune” star uses less of some ingredients and more of others. “I do half the bananas, half the sugar, double the custard recipe. That’s it. …” Vanna White also explained. “I make it my own way.”

Maggie Sajak Makes ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White’s Banana Pudding

Following the discussion between “Wheel of Fortune” hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White about her “Famous Vanna Banana Pudding,” Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, decided to give the recipe a try for herself. And, Maggie brought Vanna in for advice – and approval – during the pudding-making process. Turns out, the recipe is one that is near and dear to Vanna’s heart.

“Well, it’s pretty easy,” Vanna said to encourage Maggie. “Actually, the recipe is on the box of the Nilla Wafers. And I’ve been making it my whole life. I changed it a little bit where I doubled the recipe because I love custard. It’s egg custard and I love that. But, I cut the sugar in half. So, I think it’s good for you. I think it’s healthy,” Vanna added with a laugh.

The recipe is something that Vanna learned from her grandmother while growing up in South Carolina. So, unsurprisingly, it’s a dish that she cherishes. It’s also a dish that she has made for her own children over the years. And, also unsurprisingly, they also loved the dish.

“So, my grandmother made it. So, I made it, you know?” Vanna White told Maggie Sajak. “I kind of followed in her footsteps. And, of course, after I had kids, I made it all the time. And you know, the funny thing about the banana pudding it never lasted more than one day. It was gone by the end of the day. It’s so good. …”

You can learn all the details – including the recipe – of Vanna White’s “Famous Vanna Banana Pudding” recipe in the video below.