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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Rib Contestant for Appearing on ‘All My Children’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

All kinds of people come out to audition for Wheel of Fortune. So, it makes sense that there are contestants with interesting connections. Leave it up to Pat Sajak to point those fun facts out when possible. His small conversations with the contestants are usually hilarious and he finds the most random notes to bring up.

Recently, Sajak had a very interesting contestant. Over on Twitter the official Wheel of Fortune page shared a clip from the latest episode. Do we have any soap opera viewers around here? Because the contestant in question, Jim, used to be on the legendary program, All My Children. Watch below.

As Sajak leans into the question, “You look familiar to me? Did I…Were you ever on All My Children?” Then Jim reveals that he was indeed on the show. As a baby. While that isn’t exactly the same as starring in a major role, his time for roughly half a year on the show still counts. The former Timothy Hunter baby actor likely doesn’t remember his time on the show, but it is really cool.

Of course, the regular version of Wheel of Fortune fetches its fair share of interesting contestants, the spinoff version, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has its own set of characters. There is a new season beginning this month for both variations of the show and viewers will have tons of puzzles and prizes to see this fall.

New Season of ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Coming

With a full upcoming season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Jim likely won’t be appearing, but there will be some big names. Pat Sajak and Vanna White will be in their usual roles. However, the contestants will be famous and the prizes are going to be huge. In the new season, there will be a $1 million prize. Now, that is some serious money.

There has been a list of 40 celebrities released for the upcoming season. The names do not disappoint. Anthony Anderson, Anthony Michael Hall, NFL linebacker Von Miller, and NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns will all be featured. Over on social media, there have been a number of teasers and other videos shared.

The set gets a new look and surely Pat Sajak is going to bring the wit and charisma. While it is fun to watch regular contestants win prizes, seeing celebrities tackle the game show is always fun. Plus, they play for some great charities and causes along the way. Many times there are stories and memories shared that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Viewers should be excited for the end of the month because there is going to be a ton of Wheel of Fortune on TV. Celebrities, regular folks, and everything in between.