Why ‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Left the Show in 2018

by Joe Rutland

If you are wondering where Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush fame has been in a few years, well, he’s been away from the show. Don’t expect to see him crying a river about leaving, either. He made that decision then and appears to still be happy with it, even though the show is the top-rated series on Discovery. Hoffman left in 2018 and he talks about why he did leave.

Todd Hoffman Says Feeling Jaded Played Role In Leaving ‘Gold Rush’

“You feel a little jaded,” Todd Hoffman said about Gold Rush. “Reality TV has its good points. It also has its bad parts. Sometimes, reality TV can damage the way it’s all put together, the secret sauce so to speak. It can damage relationships. And there was some damage in the relationship between me and [my son] Hunter. It was just time.”

Hoffman said that they felt like they were being “pushed over into the corner of our own show.” He also said that’s when he started to feel a little jaded. “When you do feel that way, you have to choose family first,” he said. “You can’t just stay on a show, and you’re hurting your relationships. You pick your family first. We needed a break. Having your kids grow up in front of a TV set is not exactly healthy at all for every family.”

Hoffman, 52, left the show after a disappointing mining season in Colorado. Yet he has come back now on Discovery. His new show titled Hoffman Family Gold follows his family to Alaska and their hope of striking it rich. He said that he’s up for this challenge. Jack Hoffman, his father, mined for gold in the ‘80s but never struck it big. We get more from Fox News.

New Show Will Go At A Slower Pace, Hoffmann said

“We’re going at a slower pace,” Hoffman said. “It’s not a highlight reel. It shows our family and how we really do care about each other. We do care more about how we get our gold than just how much gold we get while treating everybody badly. It’s just a different experience, but I think everyone’s going to love it. We’re thankful to have this opportunity again.

“It was my father who really got the ball rolling [in gold mining],” Hoffman said. “I always knew in the back of my mind that we had a chance. Faith also plays a big role in all of this.” But his return did come with some conditions put in place. “I said I’ll come back,” Hoffman said. “I’ve been looking at mining again and everything has lined up. But it needs to be at a slower pace.”