‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Explains Why Cockiness Is a Must to Compete on Show

by Courtney Blackann

If you’ve ever met the captain of a fishing vessel, you already know there’s an air of arrogance not too far behind. There’s also competition, reputation and lots of hard, hard work. For “Wicked Tuna’s” Dave Marciano, these are just the necessary skills a fishing captain must possess in order to be successful.

From dangerous trips and grueling hours, the job isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s also a bit of a cat-and-mouse game with the competition. Fishing spots are coveted treasures. It’s the key to barely making ends meet or reaping the benefits of a big-time payout.

Captain Dave knows this now, just like he did in 2013 when he spoke with Yahoo! TV about his job. Or should we say passion? If you’re gonna fish for a living, there’s no way around it – you’ve got to love what you do.

“There’s literally hundreds of boats that participate in the bluefin tuna fishery,” the “Wicked Tuna” captain said in the interview. “And it is pretty cutthroat, because these fish are worth a lot of money. I have a small, very tight circle of friends that I work very closely with, and most of them are guys like me — full-time, strictly working commercial fisherman. Prior to “Wicked Tuna,” I knew all these guys existed, but I didn’t talk to them much or work with them much at all.”

And this is still true today. In the industry, you’ve gotta be careful who you trust. It’s akin to a game of chess. The best player wins.

When asked about the level of cockiness that goes along with the industry, Captain Dave was quick to answer.

“There definitely does [need to be cockiness]. If you want to do well and you want to catch fish, you kind of take what’s yours. Nobody’s gonna hand you nothing out there, that’s for sure. I’m not gonna run over and give Tyler [McLaughlin] any fish. If he wants some, he’s gonna have to come get ’em.”

“Wicked Tuna’s” Success Draws Tourism

Though Marciano fished for years before joining the show, he says the industry has more eyes since “Wicked Tuna” became a success. And he’s proud of the benefits that go along with it.

Not only has the Gloucester, Mass. town become a popular tourist spot, interest in the show helped bolster local businesses and hotels. Several fans come from near and far to get a glimpse of the famous boats. The captains themselves have achieved a certain amount of celebrity from the success.

However, Marciano remains grounded. His love of setting out on the Atlantic keeps him humble. You never know if the conditions will be right. Or if the fishing will pay off. But the thrill of possibly catching bluefin tuna worth thousands of dollars, is always an adventure.