‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Nick Gowitzka Discusses His Love for Fishing Tuna in 5 Questions

by Jon D. B.

“Somebody’s paying us to go catch the coolest fish in the ocean!” Wicked Tuna‘s Capt. Nick Gowitzka spills his love for the catch in these 5 questions for National Geographic.

There’s a few “Shark Week” fans out there that may disagree, but where Captain Nick Gowitzka is concerned, the tuna is “the coolest fish in the ocean.” And he gets to catch them for a living. On television.

If that first quote doesn’t lay it out flat enough, the good captain’s answers to Nat Geo’s “5 Questions” will.

“Captain Nick Gowitzka of the Little Shell answers 5 questions about his life and his love of tuna fishing,” captions Wicked Tuna‘s official Twitter. Within, the Little Shell captain spills the bait on why he has the “best job in the world.”

Question 1: How Did You Get Started on ‘Wicked Tuna’?

“Greg called me and I’d fished with him for years,” Gowitzka begins of his Wicked cohort, Greg Mayer. It’s been a long journey since then, but as Nick says: “Look at me now, running a boat and fishing on TV,” he smiles. “It’s awesome.”

That boat, as fans know, is the sharp Little Shell, an aptly-named smaller vessel that turns circles around other of its class.

Question 2: What’s Your Family Like?

“I grew up one of eight children,” Gowitzka offers. That’s a big ol’ Southern family, right there!

Capt. Gowitzka is an Outer Banks native with a fisherman for a father. He would continue this legacy, with his first job coming as a deckhand on commercial fishing boats.

So how has Nick changed since those formative days?

“I have a lot of nieces and nephews. When they me on TV, their Uncle Nick is their hero, so it’s pretty cool,” he says of his large family.

Question 3: What’s Your Proudest Moment on ‘Wicked Tuna’?

“I haven’t been doing this long,” Nick says of his captaining days on Nat Geo’s hit show. “I’ve been running a boat for a couple of years. And for us to finish second in contention for the lead, I’m proud of that fact. I also regret it a little bit,” he admits of the second-place position. “But I’m definitely proud of it.”

Indeed, Captain Gowitzka may not be a Wicked Tuna OG, but he’s making a name for himself fast.

Question 4: What Was Your First Job?

This serves as a better follow-up to Question 3, but Gowitzka is quick to reveal his first-ever job actually predates his deckhand days. In fact, a much younger version of the Wicked Tuna captain would break into his bread-winning days on a farm.

“I worked at a pretty big farm for four years in high school,” he tells Nat Geo. “Nick the farmer, that’s right,” he laughs. “I had a farmer’s tan and everything.”

Question 5: What are You Looking Forward to This Season?

“What I’m looking forward to the most is just being out there with my guys and fishing!” Nick answers quick. I mean, it’s still a job, but some people save their whole lives to retire and then do what we do for work, ” he smiles wide. “I mean what more could you want out of life?”

What more, indeed. Catch more from Captain Nick and his Wicked Tuna crew courtesy of the show’s Twitter reel above.