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‘Wicked Tuna’: How Has Show’s Popularity Changed the Town of Gloucester?

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

They say fame can change a person, but it can also change a town, too. Ever since Wicked Tuna came to Gloucester, Massachusetts in 2012, both the anglers and the fishing hub have become quite the stars.

As America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester has witnessed the transitions in fishing practices throughout the centuries. Just 40 minutes away from the capital, the fishing town is a central part of the state and the nation. Despite its pivotal role in the nation’s angling history, the city didn’t truly become a household name until Wicked Tuna began filming almost 10 years ago.

Soon enough, fishing fans all over the country came to know the New England town as the hotspot for bluefin tuna. The more popular the series became, the more tuna fans across the country began dropping their “r’s” and picking up the classic “Bahston” accent.

Once the show left the Northeast for warmer waters, though, a hole was left in its place. For so many seasons, Wicked Tuna was a huge part of the area’s fame. However, even though Gloucester’s most famous fishermen headed down south for tuna season, the burgh still holds true to its fishing roots. According to star captain Dave Marciano, Gloucester is doing just fine even without the popular reality series.

“[Wicked Tuna has] put Gloucester on the international map, and it’s been great for the community,” the star shared with Discover Gloucester. “Gloucester has a 400-year history, and Wicked Tuna has helped keep the town moving forward. Of course, Wicked Tuna isn’t the only reason people come to Gloucester, but it has been a big factor in recent years.”

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Shares What Sets Gloucester Apart from Other Mass. Fishing Towns

As a Gloucester native, Marciano might be a bit biased with his opinion of the fishing town. Still, the Wicked Tuna star firmly believes that Gloucester places higher than all others in the state. Maybe it’s because he knows the surrounding waters a bit better and where all the best tuna like to hide. Or perhaps it’s simply because it’s where Marciano grew into his captain’s quarters. Either way, Gloucester will always be Marciano’s first choice for casting his lines.

“Gloucester has always been a top fishing community because of its proximity to so many rich fishing grounds,” the Wicked Tuna captain explained. “Places like Stellwagen Bank, Jeffreys Ledge, Tillies Bank, are all very rich historic fishing grounds, and those spots are the reason Gloucester came into being – to be close to the best fishing in the world.”

Although Marciano still ventures down to the Outer Banks this year to compete among some of the East Coast’s best anglers, he will always come home to Gloucester.