‘Wicked Tuna’: Why Dave Marciano Says Problems Like the Hard Merchandise Sinking are ‘Minimal’

by Amy Myers

A sunken vessel is a fisherman’s worst nightmare. Like many anglers, the cast of Wicked Tuna spends hundreds of hours and tons of money cleaning, repairing and optimizing their boats for bluefin season. Between high-power engines, advanced navigation technology and other essential amenities, the vessel becomes less like a method of transportation and more like a family member. Needless to say, the renowned tuna hunters probably take better care of these boats than they do themselves.

When Dave Marciano watched the Hard Merchandise fill with water in December 2012, he saw all of that time, effort and money go with it. His partner-in-crime for the majority of Wicked Tuna, he surely had an emotional connection to it as well. Thankfully, though, the boat sunk while tied up at the docks and none of the crew members were aboard. It was then that he realized how lucky he was to have been on dry land when his boat sunk. Marciano explained the incident to Yahoo! Entertainment, putting his relatively small problem in perspective with the rest of the world.

“But in the big picture, it sank two days after the school shooting,” the Wicked Tuna star noted. “And that same weekend, another boat went down with all hands — the Foxy Lady II — and they just found the boat two days ago. They never found the crew. Although I have my own little nightmare, in the big picture, my problems are minimal.”

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Stated the ‘Boat Itself Is Fine’

While the Wicked Tuna captain recognized that his problem was comparatively “minimal,” he still had plenty of work to do on the Hard Merchandise. Marciano lost most of his equipment onboard. However, the boat itself was still functional. He would also have help from his insurance company.

“Fortunately, I did have insurance,” the Wicked Tuna star said. “It’s a nightmare from my perspective — I gotta repower the boat, put a new engine in it, rip out all the wiring, all the electronics, all the stuff is junk — but the boat itself is fine.”

Without a fishing vessel, though, Marciano had to find another way to earn the money needed for the repairs. He knew it would be a long journey to get the Hard Merchandise back in working order.

“I’ve still got another two months worth of work to get her up and running again,” he shared. “In the middle of it, I still have to go to work to make a paycheck, whether it’s working on decks of other boats or whatever I can get.”

Regardless, the Wicked Tuna star’s spirit didn’t go down with the ship.

“Yeah, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but I’ll get through it,” Marciano said. “And we’ll be fishing for next season, you can count on that.”