Wolf Van Halen Shares Hilarious ‘Setlist’ Firing Back at Fans Who Want Him To Play His Father’s Music

by Matthew Memrick

Lead singer Wolf Van Halen posted a comical setlist responding to fans who want his Mammoth WVH band to play his pop’s old hits.

He posted two photos on Thursday before a show at the legendary Wrigley Field. 

“Wrigley Field with GnR tonight! Y’all are gonna get a special set too! See you soon!” 

One photo had a faux setlist with the classic Van Halen song “Panama” added as every song.

In another pre-concert Tweet, the singer-guitarist had a looped clip of Marvel Cinematic Universe character Thanos with the words “inevitable” to respond to the angry VH fans.

Either Wolfgang Van Halen likes his fun with the Van Halen fans, or he’s just ready for them to stop with the trolling.

Over time, fans have asked Wolf Van Halen to play some songs from Van Halen. The iconic 1980s band featured his guitar-playing dad, Eddie Van Halen. Sadly, Eddie Van Halen died in 2020 at age 65. 

On Tour  

Wolf Van Halen’s band has had a fun run with the 80s band Guns N’ Roses. The two have played together a few times this spring and summer at various tour dates around the nation.

They’ve also worked through an outbreak of COVID-19, having canceled a few shows in the process. Wolfgang Van Halen has documented some of the tours on Twitter, posing with the band as they returned from an Aug. 13 break. The band itself did not test positive, but the production staff did.

“Thanks to everyone for their support,” Van Halen said at the time. “We can’t wait to be back when it is 100% safe for everyone to do so.” 

Wolf has been open about his dad’s love on tour while beating back talk of bringing back Van Halen for the fans.

Come on, Fans

Rolling Stone magazine picked the top 10 Van Halen playlist songs in November 2011, and “Panama” wasn’t even the top song.

Ok, it was number two behind “Unchained.”

Ultimate Classic Rock didn’t even have it in the top five. They pitted the classic song at number 6. They said “Everybody Wants Some” was the best song.

One Philly rock station said the best Van Halen song was “Running With The Devil.” Of 30 best songs, good ol’ Panama was number 15.

Finally, Vulture magazine ranked all of Van Halen’s songs and put “Panama” at number 4 with a fun, little description. 

The article’s famous author, Chuck Klosterman, liked the riff and the lyrics, even if it remained “unclear whether “Panama” is the name of a car, the name of the girl driving the car, or the variety of ganja the girl driving the car happens to be smoking.”

So, if you’re going to come at Wolf Van Halen, don’t push Panama at him.