‘1883’ Adds Isabel May and LaMonica Garrett As Principal Cast Members

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/WireImage)

Big news, Yellowstone fans: The hotly-anticipated historical prequel, 1883, is adding Isabel May and LaMonica Garrett to the principal cast.

Per Deadline‘s exclusive report Tuesday, Taylor Sheridan is adding Young Sheldon star Isabel May to the cast as Elsa Dutton. Elsa is the eldest daughter of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s James and Margaret Dutton.

The trade cites that May’s Elsa will serve as a perspective-giving character as the Duttons struggle within the Westward Expansion. Apparently, the family will begin at least a part of their journey – if not all of it – in Texas. This goes against previous reports that had the family beginning on the east coast.

Elsa and her parents will travel via wagon train caravan into the unforgiving, wild world of 19th century North America. Their hopes for a better life lie in Montana, where we know the Duttons eventually settle down. 1883 will tell that full story.

In addition, LaMonica Garrett of The Terminal List is joining 1883 as the “right-hand” to Sam Elliott’s character. The duo will play Pinkerton agents who hitch a ride with the Duttons on their Westward journey.

Of this journey, Deadline hears Paramount is sparing no expense, with 1883 exceeding a budget of $10 million per episode. This is in no small part due to Taylor Sheridan bringing as much authenticity to the project as he can. Executive Producer and 101 Studios CEO David Glasser explains.

EP David Glasser on Yellowstone: 1883’s ‘Magic’

“When Taylor creates, in his mind he can take you down a rabbit hole with 15 layers deep on the lineage of a story, something I’ve never seen another creator do,” Glasser tells Deadline. “Ask him a question about a character, he’ll take you back 10 or 30 years. That’s what happened here with 1883. Taylor was thinking about the story of the Duttons and their journey, he continues.”

1883 EP Glasser says it feels “natural and organic” to begin with the Duttons “as they made their journey across America… What’s beautiful about the story is, it’s a time we’ve forgotten, what a family would do to find a place to settle, and the risks and trials and tribulations of what people went through.”

New cast member Isabel May will be at the heart of it all, too, Glasser reveals.

“The core of the story is always family, and you see the innocent perspective of the daughter Elsa, and through Faith’s eyes, and through the eyes of the father, played by Tim, and this incredible character Shea, played by Sam Elliott,” he adds. “He’s seen it all and might be on his last journey. There is something that happens that explains each character’s reason for leaving to build a new life. The world Taylor has created is magic.”

Magic we can’t wait to see. 1883 will hit Paramount Network this fall (Dec. 19) alongside Yellowstone Season 4.