‘1883’: Alina Actress Amanda Jaros Says ‘More Surprises Are in Store’ for Her Character

by Jon D. B.

1883 holds no shortage of fantastic characters, and Amanda Jaros says her “witty” traveler, Alina, is set for one of the show’s wildest journeys.

“Without getting too specific, Alina is one of the Eastern European immigrants that helps Elsa transition into becoming more like a cowboy,” 1883 star Amanda Jaros begins for EXPRESS. If you’re current on the show, you know Jaros’ Alina as the immigrant traveler who trades Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) a pair of her husband’s pants. She does so in exchange for a golden piece of the Dutton daughter’s jewelry, and the exchange sparks an unlikely friendship as the two bond through wit and grit.

In fact, Jaros believes her character “might very well be the wittiest immigrant on the wagon train.” She’ll get no argument from us, either, as her scene with Elsa was an undeniable highlight of 1883’s Episode 4.

We haven’t seen the last of Alina, either. ‘There are definitely some more surprises in store for her as everyone’s journey unfolds,” Jaros continues.

Fans may not be overly familiar with Jaros, however. That’s because the LA native actor and writer is experiencing one of her first big roles through 1883. She’s held bit parts in everything from NCIS to Nashville, but Alina gives the talented thespian a chance to shine. And she’s positively thrilled over joining the Yellowstone franchise.

“It’s absolutely wonderful that fans have been so excited about 1883,” Jaros offers. “Audiences have been craving a raw, period piece Western and Taylor Sheridan certainly delivers (per usual).”

‘1883’s Alina is a Dream Role for Amanda Jaros

For Jaros, one of the main appeals of 1883 was creator Taylor Sheridan crafting its story like a novel. As a fellow writer, this appealed deeply to her.

“What stands out about this show specifically is how Taylor wrote each episode like he was writing a novel,” she says. “The end of each episode was like wrapping up a chapter when you had to know what happens next.”

What results is “a delightful binge [teeming] with a romantic type of magic, violence, and complex characters,” Jaros continues.

Starring in a “wild west” project like 1883 is also a “dream” of hers. She’s been after such a role for years, and Sheridan’s Alina proves the perfect jumping-off point.

“Taylor eloquently depicts the essence of cowboys amidst the need to survive in the wild west,” Jaros adds. “And I also adore that Taylor utilizes so many vivid landscapes in this series.”

Indeed, Sheridan and his crew aren’t skimping on any aspect of crafting their Western epic. The wild locations have become as much a character as the characters themselves. Through this, Jaros says, the show gains authenticity unlike any other.